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February 21, 2022

Become the person you consciously choose to be.

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Until we soften the armour enough to enter the deeper parts of ourselves and develop a curiosity for others, we remain separate and conditionally loving. Address the hidden aspects trapped from our childhood, otherwise, they will demand space at the table.

Allow your beliefs, and feelings to be present, to share the wisdom of why they were created. This is the entry point back to one’s heart and inner healing.

Become the person you consciously choose to be.

I feel this says it all.  At the core of life, connection, growing and creating it is love’s force that drives it all. But, we also know that our past dictates our future until we take responsibility and accountability to create a life by design. 

As Tony Robbins often describes.  We will continue to do the same things until we become soo uncomfortable that change is the only possible action to take.   I used to be this person too.  I didn’t want to see, hear or acknowledge how I was co-creating my sucky life.  It was definitely easier to blame others, but this only made things worse as well.

Only when I chose to consider what was happening, how I was co-creating and attempting to control situations did I learn the home truths.

I was running scared, literally!


  • I was running away from feeling the rejection I felt as a child
  • I was running away from feeling I didn’t have any position, value, voice, importance even in my family
  • I was running from ‘knowing’ I wasn’t wanted, and so I did all sorts of things to stay hidden, safe, unseen etc, for that was the message I heard about me. 

In truth, my parents were struggling big time!

  • They had 4 other children to care for.
  • The elder was entering their teenage years and pushing the boundaries
  • Money was tight always being stretched.
  • They were operating from their childhood scripts from 1940/50s which is so very different to what we now consider conducive to creating healthy and safe self-esteem which is life-supporting instead of undermining.
  • Psychology, counselling and support weren’t available in their generation, research was only just starting to gain interest and so everyone was doing the best they could, from their conditioning and social norms.
  • The concept of Trauma was called life, and you just got on with it.  Stiff upper lip and all that.
  • Love was demonstrated by gifts, on birthdays and Christmas. The occasional block of chocolate was shared while watching Friday night TV.
  • They also didn’t have family or social networks to really access support either.  It was just how it was.

What difference does this make?

It changes everything!
My parents were human, and doing the best they could,
with the resources, awareness and support possible at the time.
They didn’t love me any less, they didn’t know
how to feel it in themselves let alone share it with us.


This truth applies to everyone! There are very few people in the world who are so enlightened and fully anchored into source love that they are perfect.

The remaining 100% of the population is doing their thing in the way they believe, feel or choose is the best way forward at the moment.  Yet, it is our individual responsibility to learn about ourselves, our family, generational history for when we do, the impact ripples to others.  Our courage and commitment become an example, and permission for them to do the same.  The likely outcome – more aware, people making conscious decisions and interactions from love, can only be a good thing.

This is my thing, my current phase of my life mission – to support, encourage, guide others to become aware of their truth.  That they are pure love, layered with generations of unloving thoughts, beliefs and traumas resulting in disconnect, shutdown, hiding, running and avoiding our greatness.

The beauty of Reclaiming your Truth, is you are given the opportunity to create your life on your terms! Something most people dream about, and think isn’t possible to them.  I didn’t think I could and now I am.

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