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February 28, 2022

Go within, you do know how to love!

Photo by Ismael Sanchez on Pexels.

This was a difficult concept for me to consider when challenged at the beginning of my Journey Quest years ago. I still believed things that happened to me, that love comes from others or experiences. How wrong I was, and how much pain was created because I expected others to make me happy and loved.
How much pain I felt from unmet expectations – differences between how we think things ‘should’ be and what happens in life. When I flipped my focus, becoming curious about my reaction to the experience’s story. By owning my response, I tapped into love’s power.
Let me say that again…
  • What is happening in me, either celebrating or challenging the world I am experiencing.
  • Are the interpretations from fear or love?
  • Am I curious enough to consider alternative points of view and feel if there is resonance between other’s ideas and a shared truth?
  • What is being triggered, and what beliefs are represented in the trigger?
  • Which ‘should/n’t’; must/n’t; we do/don’t; not for us, internal rule script is playing out in your mind and body in conflict with what is happening?
  • Which experiences question your values, challenging and compromising what you hold important? How and why is this a problem? Are your expectations inappropriate, or are ethics and morals being questioned as well?
  • What aspect of your ego or self-esteem is being challenged, and is the challenge activating insecurity or ‘I am not worthy/good/smart/talented/loved/liked/lovable enough script/s?
Leaning into the dialogue, scripts, and even the trigger’s entire storyline lets one fully explore what’s holding love behind walls constructed to keep your love safe. Yet, as we know, it is love that sets us free.

Change follows standing in your truth, allowing love to flow without agenda.

When in doubt, let the mind remind you that you are pure love at your core, only covered by years of BS (belief systems) holding love to ransom because you interpreted your big heart as too much somewhere along the line. You learnt to dim your greatness to stay safe in a world that shied away from purity, brightness and joy.

Yes, it takes time for our walls to soften and then melt. More time is needed to support another, for others to trust love and let them in, but it is always love, like the sun, that forces one to take off their armour.
Going within lets love shine into the world. You and others feel the warmth shining through the barriers and pains felt when the world didn’t follow the truth of..
“We are all one, and so by shutting down, living from limiting beliefs and fear only hurts. Go within, heal the hurting parts of your psyche. Turn up the light within and connect with others with authenticity.”

If you are not sure what love feels like and I didn’t know most of my life, observe and allow the love from others to soften your protection.
Read love stories where the narrative includes choosing connection with others from a pure state.
Observe friendships that touch your heart and cause your eyes to weep.

Your heart does know what it feels like to let the love in, and out. Learn to trust this part of you and your entire life will blossom like a flower opening at its blooming time to full splendour.

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