February 16, 2022

Grandmother Moon Wisdom—wise little words for your Soul.

Snow moon, eagle moon, full moon in Leo.

Someone said this full moon is sexy, romantic, and spiritual.

Someone else said this full moon is loud and proud—the lion’s roar finally bursting forth.

Another said this moon was a major cycle completion of lifelong patterns that do not serve us. Metaphorically, we’re moving from being buried in snow to melting the patterns away.

All I know is that my messy, happy, magical, crazy, quirky, and sometimes downright frustrating life always seems to be in sync with the lunar cycles.

I believe in allowing our own wisdom to come through us, to lead us, to help us. Particularly on full moons when I’m feeling all the feels, the ups and downs, and the heightened emotions.

I figured it best to let my spirit speak to the moon and set free whatever I was meant to understand about this chaotic time and energy.

So I asked: Grandmother Moon, what is this moon, this energy I’m feeling so intensely?

And here’s what I heard:

It is all of those things, my little dove.
And for each, it is different.

For some, it is parting.
For some, it is coming together.
For some, it is purging.
For some, it is revealing oneself.
For some, it is the word freed.
For some, it is coming home.
For some, it is forgiveness.
For some, it is embracing their full power.

Yet for all, it is a crossroad.

Even the smallest of choices at this time lead to enormous shifts. Even the tiniest decision in the mind will set the path ahead.

The energy of deep change resides in this Leo full moon, as it swells to its fullest and boldest revelations—allowing one to release, to change, to grow, to evolve. Follow her cycles as she ebbs and flows as a guide for you, for others, for everything.

Just as the cycles of day and night are balanced through each other, so are the cycles of the moon, each bearing its own treasure, its own truth, its own energy. Embracing these natural cycles and what they teach us allows us to embrace change with the least resistance. It shows us an easier way to flow effortlessly, without excess suffering.

The lunar energy and the nodes are pointing the way—they aide us with the energies of change, of release, of birthing, of action, of both rest and forward momentum. All stages are important; all cycles are relevant and rich with pearls of wisdom and treasure.

Imagine if you missed or denied the cycle of releasing. The weight of a lifetime would surely be too heavy to carry, and your vessel so burdened it could not stand. Imagine if you chose to ignore the cycle of resting, only to burn out in the next cycle when you need to take action.

Imagine if you skipped your own growth cycle. By not integrating the wisdom one accumulates through life experiences, that growth then becomes stunted, unable to rise.

Just as the seed cycles into the tree over many years with many cycles—should the seed miss one of these cycles, a period of growth or rest or death and rebirth, it slows down that evolution of that which it is becoming, that which it is. Perhaps worse, a tree’s natural struggles become much too difficult, not having the cycles it needs to strengthen. Or perhaps it stops growing all together, never becoming the glorious tree it was intended to be.

Follow the moon, my little dove.
My cycles will ease your struggle, replenish your spirit.
I am always guiding you forward and I will always lead you home to yourself.

It occurred to me as this conversation with the moon poured out of my soul that perhaps I simply need to ask more, listen longer, and simply follow Grandmother Moon.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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