February 7, 2022

Healing the Wounded Feminine & Learning to Open Our Hearts.


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We are in a mass awakening and paradigm shift that is asking everyone on the planet to shift out of the old to create a brighter future.

In that divine process, we all are asked to look at ourselves, raise our vibration, and create more inner and outer balance and harmony.

The patriarchy and past has affected us all. From women suppression to white male power, and more, we all hold deep unconscious wounds and generational trauma that has been passed down.

Now is the time where we all, men and women, can balance our ego-driven masculine and heal our wounded feminine in order to live in more mature, loving, connected, and respectful ways.

We will continue to live with our wounds of abandonment, emotional suppression, and insecurities, unless we begin looking at ourselves and making a valiant effort to improve our ways.

Real feminine energy is vital in order to have emotional health, wellness, and a deep soft sense of love and joy. Humanity will repeat pain and problems of the past, unless we can become conscious of ourselves and awaken to our true empowered potential. 

To live unified, it requires us all to go within ourselves, get out of our minds, more into our bodies, and be willing to look at ourselves, our karma, and how we treat other people and ourselves. We have a choice in whether we react, how we respond, and whether we can pause and look at life and what it’s trying to teach us. When we are out of alignment with love and the true heart, we do take things personally and act out in unconscious and unloving patterns of abandonment.

Society won’t heal or change their ways until we are able to become conscious and loving human beings and connect from the altruistic and open loving and vulnerable place of heart and soul instead of our heads. That means, both men and women overcoming their traumas, fears, and deep wounds. We need people to trigger us to activate and help our wounds. Yet, there is opportunity to evolve beyond them and show up in a manner that unifies rather than divides. 

As a woman, I know we have the power to help men transform and support each other in the process. Until we are willing to live with a mindset and lens of love, we may not be able to fully align in conscious and compassionate ways. We will defend and do whatever is best for us, in a selfish attempt to protect and guard, rather than soften into the heart and open. It is with love and being willing to show up in a loving state that we begin the dismantling process of living beyond mind, fear, and ego, and embody more heart, connection, and real feminine energy.

We all need change. Our “woke” society will continue to belittle others, ghost, block, and remain in the guarded, immature, and insecure ways we have been conditioned and taught. We will blame others and live like a victim before we wake up to our own neuroses and choose to develop empathy, compassion, and vulnerability. We can unify and work through our differences and take time to live and act in ways that treat one another as more human, loving individuals, and less like pieces of sh*t.

The way you treat another is a direct reflection of you.

People who have not resolved their mental and emotional wounds will continue to live in patterns of the past, which includes pointing fingers and putting up walls and thinking the other person is the problem. It’s easier to do that and act offensive and shame another, than look at ourselves and our suppressed insecurities. We can learn to not take things personally, knowing we all are learning to love in richer ways.

Society is in a bad place if we deny human connection, use text as our main communication, and can’t pick up the phone or resolve problems.

No one can force someone to psychologically mature or embody real heart and soul. Although, it’s easier to live with insecurities and block or build walls, it never mends the deeper wounds. We reject aspects of ourselves with barriers and guards. Doing the work means awakening and shifting our unconscious patterns to connect and communicate better.

Developing emotional health and becoming authentic is perhaps one of the greatest human challenges. Feeling and healing our pain without deflecting it or putting it on others is the first step to becoming emotionally available. Working through trauma, integrating our shadow, and overcoming insecurities is not easy. Karma has a fated way to show us and bring back around all the ways we’ve mistreated others and made mistakes. 

That person you block out of your life could be the salvation that could wake you up to your own limitations and loveless patterns. So please heal wounds, love, learn to live openhearted, and resolve pain consciously.

Some signs you have unhealed feminine wounds and blocked heart energy:

>> You treat other women in disrespectful, uncaring, and unloving ways.

>> You’re unable and unwilling to connect on the phone and through real conversation.

>> You ghost, block, and criticize others before trying to make amends.

>> You hold hatred toward others, including an ex, and talk poorly about others.

>> You are reactive, emotionally triggered, and tell others they are wounded.

>> You allow your own stress to make you reactive and defensive.

>> You have passive aggressive behavior, without a willingness to confront issues.

>> You fail to be compassionate or caring about others or resolve conflict.

>> You run from confrontation and can’t admit your wrongs.

>> You hold no boundaries, especially with people of the opposite sex.

We all have wounds and insecurities. When we react, block, and hold resistance, we reject a buried aspect of self and don’t allow ourselves to shift into love and face our issues. This often causes immature (and often unconscious) behaviors and coldness.

It’s a red flag when anyone chooses to put up a wall and is unwilling to resolve pain or issues in a relationship. The way to heal is through communication and being open to letting our guard down, talking, and making peace with one another. Anyone showing that feelings don’t matter and not allowing us to express ourselves has hidden narcissistic issues and is emotionally unavailable, unwilling to look fully at themselves yet.

The wounds of the heart run deep. We all have issues with fully loving. It is easier to run, deflect pain, become emotionally volatile, blame another, and block than it is to get vulnerable and communicate. Acting out in immature patterns and failing to resolve issues only creates more problems, pain, and can never heal insecurity or wounds.

We neglect compassion when we don’t care for other human hearts we hurt or the masks we choose to hide behind.

We ruin relationships, unconsciously, when we are still wounded and acting or being defensive from an unloving state. Our ego will naturally choose pride and selfishness before we are able to soften into the depth of feminine energy, release the rigid masculine control, and live less guarded, more openhearted, loving, and balanced.

If we seek real love, loving connections, or vulnerability, it’s necessary to start with ourselves. Let’s connect to our bodies, breathe, and begin to witness all the ways the mind projects stories and false realities. Let’s look at what we judge and project onto others with hate. Our fear and stress makes us more reactive and defensive. Let’s consider how we want to be treated and reflect on how we treat others—then look at all the ways we abandon ourselves, block our hearts, and hide, instead of responding and living in an open and loving manner.

Together, we can learn to live secure, openhearted, and mindfully to embrace and receive love and fully nurture ourselves and one another.

We are not separate from one another; living in resistant ways actually keeps us from evolving in love as we continue to build walls and fail to open hearts.

We can choose to unify, love one another, and work through our wounds. Together, we all can live better and more mindfully by consciously communicating and learning to embody love without resistance or fear.

Please, practice, and make love and peace, and not war, walls, or hate.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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