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February 1, 2022

I am. That is enough.

Photo by Shamia Casiano on Pexels.

I need an updated elevator pitch ~ one that does not involve my:
1. long wind
2. details
3. back story
4. snark
5. wit
6. raised or animated voice
7. speaking out loud
8. filters
9. name dropping
10. snacks
I am ~ and that is enough ~ should be good for each of us.
Why do you need this? I am, cultivating a better life for self and others.
Who are you? I am. Isn’t that enough?
Where do you want to go with this? I am, creating a synergy with the universe.
What is it that you do? I am.
Can you tell me more? I am worthy, without pause.
How do you plan on accomplishing the task at hand? I am creative, curious and whole.
And that is enough.
Why do we make others prove who they are, so that we will help them, or see them, or care about them?
Why do we allow ourselves to believe that we are any less worthy of what it is we need in the world?
You are here.
You are worthy.
You are love, personified.
You are important to the conversation.
Your views matter.
You are valued, cherished and heard.
The elevator pitch is perhaps not so others will approve of our value as much as we, will approve of our own sense of being.
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