February 21, 2022

Multidimensionality: Are you Ready to Explore who You really Are?


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Sometimes as a writer, there’s a topic that you feel in your heart is important to share, but it’s difficult to imagine how you’ll put it into words.

I’ve written many articles for Elephant Journal over the years and self-published a book, and there’s poetry and other articles of mine in print and in online journals out there in the world, but I rarely consider myself a writer.

However, somehow in this moment, I do feel like a writer because I have this feeling that there’s something I need to express in words.

Usually, when I write an article, I dive quickly into explaining how difficult it is to be human and then share some type of teaching that might aid you on this bumpy meat suit ride. That has been my usual style of writing for many years, and if you’ve read any of those articles and they’ve been of benefit to you, then that makes me happy.

These days, though, there is a bigger topic that I keep feeling needs to get shared, and it’s still integrating into my worldview, so it feels a little soon to share it, but perhaps that makes it the perfect time to share it.

The topic is multidimensionality.

You see, when I first started writing for Elephant Journal, it was my entry into connecting with “spiritual” folks all around the world. And the themes we connected on had a Buddhist tint to them. We talked about mindfulness and meditation and right action. We were concerned with how to be good people with good intent, as we carefully walked and did yoga along the surface of Mother Earth.

But over the years, the social media world of spirituality has shifted. Language, such as entering the fifth dimension, ascending, having DNA upgrades and getting downloads, started to replace mindfulness and yoga as topics that were important.

And just like the other spiritual explorers surfing social media, I have found myself on this new journey away from Buddhist teachings and into my own core, which seems to be some sort of portal out of the limited self and into the ethers of multiple dimensions our soul is experiencing at all times.

Of course, as an energy healer practicing for 10 years now, I’ve seen every wild thing you can imagine in people’s energy and chakras. Entities, past lives, people who have passed, souls lost, souls retrieved, guides, angels, other realms, beings of all shapes and sizes. When you enter into the world of energy, you remove yourself from human limitation and enter into the infinite.

And here is what I keep thinking about…how all of this was somehow taken from us. How the true nature of being human is that we are multidimensional. Meaning we are in a parallel time where our soul lives in multiple dimensions at the same time, having multiple experiences, and all these experiences are affecting our present reality.

Shamans, sages, witches, gurus, yogis, and probably even regular folks knew this in the past and some know it today. And what I am learning and observing in myself and in other people is that through connecting with this truth that we are multidimensional beings, our present reality and challenges can actually make more sense because we now have more thorough information about what our soul is experiencing.

And as I feel my own being recovered in the multidimensional sphere of existence, I can’t help but feel a sadness for what was once lost in myself, and I know is far away for most people.

Somehow, as a species, we moved away from living as beings who went inward for truth. Women were persecuted for these practices, genocide occurred for aboriginal people who engaged regularly with multidimensional reality as colonization and industrialization were pushed through. Science and the church ruled and crucial knowledge about who we are went underground.

The question is, can we recover it? Can we refrain from thinking everything we don’t initially understand is crazy and start exploring who we really are and what is truly happening? Like where are we really when we dream at night? What other dimensions might our soul exist in? How do past lives affect our current karmic experiences? How does our connection with people who have passed heal us in the present? And how are all of our souls connected in the higher realms?

I guess what I’m asking is, are we ready to explore who we really are and what is going on beyond what our awake eyes see?

Because we have other eyes. We have a third eye, and a heart eye, and we have a crown chakra just waiting to connect with energies beyond our neighborhood. There’s so much more out there, and we are in contact with it all the time, and by making that contact conscious we might actually find that we start to feel less crazy and not more—because the pieces of our lives that presently don’t add up might just start to when we see and feel this greater truth.

Multidimensionality is an experience. It is personal, but also collective, and everyday people are becoming more conscious of the vastness they can access.

I like to think we are in a time of “great remembering” of who we really are. I find it so beautiful and inspiring that this is being returned to us.

If exploring multidimensionality interests you, then all you need is to start with intention. Just state a simple intention to your own self that you want to expand your awareness beyond the body. State the intent and close your eyes and breathe. Over time, you will hear things, and see things, and feel things, and you will just know you’re moving beyond. And you will meet other people having the same experience. And sometimes you might feel a little scared or confused, but eventually you will feel relief at coming home to the truth of who you are.

I expect that just like talking about auras, or crystals, or grounding was strange 20 years ago and is pretty common now, so we will see this trend that experiencing different dimensions will be increasingly common. Because everything is always changing, and when we try to block this change, we can feel stuck and irritated.

Instead, we can choose to be mystical explorers, curious about what will come next. Because something will always come next, and there’s a good chance it will be consciously experiencing a new dimension.


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