February 28, 2022

Our Productivity does not determine our Worth—how to set ourselves Free from the Hustle.


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Warning: some spicy language included!


In the beginning, I used to market myself as a “productivity coach”—my bio said something like, “I help you overcome perfectionism and get more shit done.”

Now I cringe and LOL when I think about how much we’ve all been conditioned to equate productivity to worthiness…when how much you do or don’t do has literally nothing to do with your value as a human being.

If you just take the extra shift, stay for the overtime, or say yes to the extra responsibilities, you’ll be favored or promoted, you’ll make more money, and you’ll finally get the recognition you crave.

If you just get up at 5 a.m. every day, do all the daily self-care rituals—journal, meditate, do yoga—you’ll finally love yourself.

If you just do everything perfectly, follow the rules, rise and grind, get all the shit done at home and work, you’ll finally be worthy.

My whole philosophy and practice as a life coach has completely shifted.

I’m no longer about that hustle and grind life these days. Since I’ve started doing way less and getting so much more done, shit’s gotten a lot more chill around here.

I don’t believe we should be promoting or living the busy-as-a-badge-of-honor lifestyle that’s been popularized by the media, influencers, and entrepreneurs…or even just the regular Joe, regularly working too much overtime.

Work hard, yes. Work yourself to exhaustion, anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, unhealthy vices, burnout…*Dr. Evil voice* How ’bout no!

What good comes of that? Does it really make you feel good, or are you trying to prove your own worth through being super busy and productive?

I do believe that we are all born worthy, and shame on patriarchal society and hustle culture for the narrative that has made us feel otherwise.

No amount of hustling, grinding, to-do-listing, multitasking, productivity, or doing all the things will ever make you feel like you’re enough.

We have been conditioned to believe that we need to always be producing something, to be constantly and unrelentingly working our asses off, and striving to prove ourselves before we will be rewarded with what we desire.

We aren’t taught from the jump to look within to find our true worth.

We are conditioned to seek out that validation from our parents, our partners, our bosses, our friends, and our social media “likes”—from anywhere and anyone but ourselves. This is so sad, because worthiness is something that has always existed inside us first, and was never dependent on how much we work or what we give to the world.

It’s time to unlearn this broken concept.

Take back your worthiness.

Untangle yourself from your to-do list.

Choosing the path of hustling less is not laziness. It’s not lack of work ethic, or trying to do things the easy way, or skipping the struggle. There’s plenty of all of that shame and guilt along the way, even without the pressure to sell your soul to the devil in terms of trading hours for dollars or recognition.

We’ve gotta unsubscribe from this notion that our worthiness comes from somewhere beyond ourselves.

Yes, I still help my clients overcome perfectionism—but now it’s more about understanding perfectionism as a trauma response, a shame-induced defense mechanism, something to accept, heal, and release, rather than try to overcome or work against it.

And yes, I also still help my clients get more shit done…but instead of focusing on planners and schedules and to-do lists, we get more done by doing less of what doesn’t matter, and working through deeper questions like:

>> Am I focused on prioritizing my values?

>> Does my to-do list actually reflect my desires?

>> Do I have the capacity and energy for what I’m committing to?

You are already enough. You’re doing enough. You have enough.

Finding alignment with your values, focusing on your priorities, and remembering your reason for being placed here on this earth in this time and at this moment is the key to being truly productive. Not doing more, but doing more of what matters.

Now it’s up to you to break the pattern, recognize your inherent value, and consciously choose to spend your energy and time on things that truly matter to you.

Abundance follows self-worth. When you honor yourself as a truly powerful and worthy being, as is, the universe responds accordingly.

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