February 20, 2022

Queen Elizabeth caught COVID-19 & Why this might be the End of British Monarchy.


I wish Queen Elizabeth a quick recovery, but I also feel this would be a good time to discuss the future of the Royals.

Let’s be honest; the United Kingdom is struggling. Boris Johnson turned British politics into a sh*tshow, and I am not even talking about the so-called partygate; I am talking about Brexit.

Prince Andrew just paid off Virginia Giuffre to escape a civil sexual assault case. Last year, Harry and Meghan accused the Royals of racism and other toxic behaviors. It’s not looking good overall.

And now, Queen Elizabeth tested positive for COVID-19.

First of all, it’s not her fault, and I hope she will feel better soon. This is not about making fun of someone who caught a deadly virus. But it shows us the extremely vulnerable situation the British monarchy is facing right now.

This might be shocking to hear for some fans of monarchy, but Royals are actually normal humans who got the privilege of being born into an extremely wealthy family. None of them did anything to deserve their status. They were born into it.

I understand the idea of having a family that somehow guides the population on what’s right or wrong.

But I also have to note that this concept didn’t work out too well for the past decades. I would even go one step further and ask, “Did this ever create any benefit to anyone?”

Of course, there are millions of people who love to watch Royal weddings and read the latest gossip, but besides that, I don’t see any benefit in financing the most privileged family in the world.

It would be unfair to blame Queen Elizabeth for everything that went wrong during her 70 years on the throne. But celebrating her as a successful role model also feels wrong.

If you are old enough, you might remember the drama around Lady Diana and Prince Charles before the tragic accident that caused William and Harry to grow up without a mother. Do you remember the time when Harry caused one scandal after another? How much do we know about Prince Andrew’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

Of course, it’s not Queen Elizabeth’s fault that her entire family seems to have a lot to deal with. It’s not any mother’s fault if her children struggle in life and make mistakes. But there’s a huge difference between a mother who tries to solve problems and a matriarch who tries to cover up any shortcomings instead of addressing them.

How much effort was made to raise awareness on the mental health situation of boys who grow up without a mother? What did the Queen do to combat racism in the United Kingdom? What’s her take on climate change? And the list goes on.

Maybe I just missed it, but I feel the Royals are basically just busy defending their status quo without being able to give reasons why any nation would need monarchy. Is monarchy an overcome concept of the past?

Looking at the Kardashian family, one could say that they kind of became the American Royals. It sounds funny, but maybe Kim Kardashian did more for women’s rights around the world than Queen Elizabeth, Prince Andrew, and Prince Charles combined?

The Kardashian clan supports minorities, runs charities, and, most importantly, doesn’t depend on taxpayer money.

Queen Elizabeth had more than one chance to make things right. She had plenty of time. There was also no lack of financial resources. As a British taxpayer, I would be pretty upset about this Return of Investment (ROI).

As mentioned in the beginning, I wish her a quick recovery from COVID-19, but I hope that she hears this wake-up call. Maybe this is the moment to acknowledge that there is nobody left to continue the show after she dies one day.

Both of her sons (Prince Charles and Prince Andrew) clearly don’t have what it takes to be King. Prince William didn’t take the most-inspiring stance when Harry and Meghan spoke up last year. There is nobody left who could possibly unite the United Kingdom as a Royal.

If the Royal family was a corporation, they would be facing bankruptcy because of mismanagement on several levels. And I am sorry to say, but Queen Elizebeth was the CEO of this organization for 70 years.

There are far better ways to spend 90 million dollars per year than financing role models who cause one scandal after another. I hope Queen Elizabeth will survive COVID, but I also encourage the British public to recognize that the party is over.

If a leader is not able to build up successors, inspire followers to be of benefit, and have a vision—it’s time to stop the show.


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Read 7 comments and reply

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