February 13, 2022

This “Steel Cut Oats” Recipe Helped me with Weight Loss on my Psych Meds—& might Help you Too.

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I couldn’t stop gaining weight.

My new psych meds for bipolar had made me a bottomless pit. I had to keep eating. However, they were better than the last meds because I could eventually get full, whereas on past meds, I could never get full.

I went to my doctor desperate for an answer. She told me that steel cut oats for breakfast and keto would help me. I am also a vegan, so I already eat extremely healthy.

I tried the steel cut oats as opposed to rolled oats. I took two 1/4 cups of steel cut oats in a bowl, mixed it with boiled water, then I microwaved it for three minutes. I usually put the bowl in the freezer afterward for a bit until it cools down. That’s my own way of making them though.

I stopped eating all day. I realized, if this could work on my psych meds to reset hunger, then it could work on anyone.

But why steel cut and not rolled?

Steel cut oats aren’t cooked when they’re processed. They keep more protein and fiber than rolled oats. According to Metabolic Research Center, “One fourth of a cup of dry oats packs a whopping five grams of total fiber including two grams of insoluble fiber. The insoluble fiber found in steel cut oats consists of the substance d-beta-glucan, which is believed to be able to both improve your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Consuming a mere three grams of d-beta-glucan daily might lower a diabetic’s glycemic response to a meal. In addition to fiber, steel cut oats boast seven grams of protein per each one fourth of a cup serving. The protein in this breakfast of champions consists of trace amounts of all of the essential amino acids. Like other whole grains, steel cut oats are a great source of the B vitamins and iron.”

Combined with exercise and healthy choices, steel cut oats caused me to lose 30 pounds. I felt fuller all day and snacked less. Meals left me not wanting more and more. I was able to stop.

I can safely say this saved my life.

Weight gain is a common side effect for many medications. While it isn’t the only answer and may not work for every medication, it was my answer.

It was the only thing that worked for me. Now, I can live my life and not worry about getting full.

I never have to go back to opening cupboards looking for things to eat. I never have to worry about the endless gaining and the changes to my body. I am still about body positivity and healthy self-love.

This isn’t about counting calories or sticking to a super strict diet; this is about getting your life back from overeating.

I eat mine plain, but you can mix it with things like peanut butter, fruit, honey, or any topping you want.

Let me know if you try this and if it works for you!


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