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February 8, 2022

Taking Time To Reflect:

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Hey beautiful humans!!

Today I am taking about the importance of taking time to reflect. Reflection is a key component in being able to not only see how far we have come, but what it took for us to get to the place we are now. From there, we can reflect on what worked and what did not work. Reflection is a great tool to use when deciding where it is you want to go and how you will get there using lessons that you have learned and wisdom you have gained in the past.

Sometimes it is not useful nor healthy to dwell in the past. This is normally unhealthy if we are focusing on things we regret, holding onto resentments, blame, and/or shame that keeps us from harnessing our full potential in the present. However, when we are using our past as a way to springboard us forward into a life that is aligned with our true selves, it can be used in a healthy way.

How cool is it that we humans have the ability of reflection to learn lessons, decipher what worked and what did not, and use this to help build our future selves in a way that best serves us?! I think this is amazing!

But so many of us do not use this tool. We cross one thing off of our never-ending to-do list only to move on to the next thing without contemplation of what it took for us to achieve that goal, accomplish the dream, or release what no longer serves us.

I am guilty of this and still am to this day. I have a million things that I am wanting to “accomplish” in this life and when I do, I do not hesitate to move onto the next thing. This is associated with the idea that I have created within myself that “there is not enough time”. I believe that many of us feel this way and to even think about the idea of allotting a few minutes let alone an hour to reflection would be a waste.

But it is actually more of a waste NOT to reflect.

When we do not take the time to reflect and really understand what occurred during our experiences we are unable to see what we learned.

When we are unable to be aware of what we learned from the experience, we are unable to integrate this experience into our reality. So the next time we are doing something new on our list we are left without the skills, know-how, and wisdom from our past. We forget what it took to become the humans we are now. We forget to celebrate ourselves and acknowledge how far we have come.

So many of us believe that we are never getting anywhere because we never stop to realize that we have come from somewhere else and what it took to get to where we are now. We think that we do not have the courage, skills, and mindset of what it takes to climb the mountain that is in front of us.

If we could just pause, take a beat, and look behind us we could see that we are at the top of a mountain we once believed we could not climb.

But you did climb that goddamn mountain and along the trek you learned the unique lessons and skills of what it took to reach the top. You have evidence that you CAN do what you once thought you could not do.

This gives you the ability and the new mindset to realize that this mountain in front of you that you once thought you could not climb, is more in reach than once believed. You can take these lessons with you on this mountain trek and on every mountain that you will climb. Because life is never flat for long!

Reflection is just as important as coming up with the idea and taking action on it. Without reflection we are left thinking that we don’t have what it takes to chase our dreams, start something new, or simply do the hard things. It is like going into battle without your armor, or rather it is like trying to write without a pencil. It could still be done but it is a lot more difficult and painful!

I encourage you all (and myself!) to take some time to really reflect on your life. Where you are now, what got you to this specific point in your life, and what lessons and wisdom you have learned that you want to take with you as you continue to move on this wild wheel of life. The answers might surprise you!

We are more wise and capable of great things then we believe ourselves to be.

Feel free to share your wisdom and lessons with me in the comments below or message me. I love to hear from all of you:).

I am so grateful for this community and all of the light, wisdom, and reflection from all of us.

With love and gratitude,


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