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February 27, 2022

The Heart of Ukraine

Photo by Kostiantyn Stupak on Pexels.

Sapphire sky
Clouds of heavenly white
Golden waves sweep over the steppes
Ancestors, kings, queens, Cossacks, warriors
Their spirit flows through their veins
About restless people
The heart of Ukraine beats in our chests
Never stopping … forever

The glorious heroes

Soldiers, teachers, students, doctors, accountants

An entire people united under the beautiful blue and gold

God is with you

Making you bold

Standing against tyranny

Destined for victory

The heart of Ukraine

Beats to the drums of war

From sea to shining sea

Diasporas raise their voices in harmony

Not one voice will be silenced

Their cries will be heard

Under the sapphire sky

The heart of Ukraine will never die

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