February 12, 2022

Valentine’s Week & Full Moon: 5 Emotions to Pay Attention To. {February 16}


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Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


There is a Full Moon this Wednesday, February 16.

It’s astrologically in the sign of Leo. Traditionally known as the Snow Moon, some believe it comes with a sense of renewal. Venus and Mars will also have a rare meeting this weekend. As Jamie Carter, Senior Contributor of Forbes, explains,

“The planets of love and war perform a rare embrace! While Venus is a planet that represents beauty and love, and Mars is a planetary symbol known for aggression and warrior-like qualities, there may be some extra spark for harmony! Walls may come crashing down or soul contracts activated (if that’s a thing for you).”

Overall, the focus is to use our inner wisdom and consult our passion, to lead a more joyful and purposeful life in every passionate relationship; with yourself, someone else, or even a thing. It’s a time to focus on our creative center, shed fear to shine, and raise our vibration as we share in an energetic firework display of love.

As I have been diving into maitri with Elephant Journal, I have been exploring myself in a nonjudgemental way. I am learning to identify with what brings me joy and what feels playful in every moment, happening in perfect divine alignment with the energy of this Full Moon.

If this sounds like an opportunity you want to maximize, here are five telling emotions to pay attention to this Full Moon:

1. Frustration.

Put “am I frustrated lately?” on a post-it note. Let your loved ones know ahead of time. Do what’s necessary to be aware of your frustration as it arises. Let frustration be a detour sign that screams, not right now. Put down the pen, stop talking, or go for a walk. Let frustration be your signal to, go back now. Walk away, breathe, meditate, tell a joke, pause, play with the dog—do anything except allow frustration to get the best of your time. It will only be wasted energy. Seeing the bigger picture, you can use the energy to guide you to something more joyful and aligned with your passion and purpose for the moment.

2. Humor.

Energy has been thick lately; heavy, depressing, and sad. I’ve noticed significant life events and big emotions popping up within my inner circle; deaths, job losses, secrets revealed, and lies. Fortunately, this Snow Moon brings renewal and we can feel into the energy of the new with a lighter touch and sense of humor. When we can’t lighten up alone, get help with the shift. Watch a comedy, do laughing yoga, read a funny book, google a funny comedian, watch bloopers (Steve Harvey’s Family Feud bloopers always do it for me), hang out with a kid, play a game, or learn to laugh at yourself. Mark your calendar now for some comedic fun!

3. Affection.

Given the miraculous Venus-Mars alignment and the opportunity for joy through relationships, spending time with friends and loved ones may help to open doors to new opportunities. Introverts who love alone time reading, exercising, cooking, or nothingness should remind themselves that it’s good to do these things with others this week. There are supportive times to be alone, but this isn’t one. Pet the dog, deliver cookies to the neighbor, have a picnic with a friend, spend sexy time with a lover, or whatever it may be. The flame will spark and open more passion opportunities.

4. Attachment or Neediness.

While it’s healthy and supportive to be with friends, we should notice where we might have too much attachment. Nothing is permanent and this Leo Full Snow Moon and Venus-Mars connection are here to teach us that. Life’s only constant is change. Attachment to people, situations, or outcomes can trigger upset and sorrow. Do a check-in right now—are you hanging on to an ideal expectation, a person you can’t live without, or outcome you would be devastated if you didn’t have? How can you shift your grasping perspective and nudge yourself back into alignment?

5. Bliss.

Follow the bliss and joy. When we do so, we’ll be guided to our divine purpose moment to moment. Being an acronym-loving human, I have an acronym for most things. Here is one to remember this week; B.L.I.S.S. = Be Light in Successful Service, meaning follow the joy and fulfill your purpose in success. We tend to romanticize our more significant purpose in this world and want to “figure it out.” Our purpose is living what we value in each moment. When we do, we feel good, and what feels good, is good. So follow the bliss and see what unfolds.

Pay attention to these five emotions, and your Valentine‘s week is sure to be a success. If any of the above land in the body in a way that you can feel where they are, pause and ask what the message is. Heavy neediness in our minds may be telling us to let go, frustration in our gut may be signaling to walk away, or a blissful feeling in the heart may ask us to go forward.

If anything resonates or helps spark an ah-ha for you here, I would love to know. Please do share in the comments. May your week be one of love, passion, joy, spark, and alignment.



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