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February 19, 2022

We are the Whole Taco

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV on Pexels.

We are a sum of our parts. I’m always curious as to why so many of us are so eager to detach from a part of our whole being in order to be wholly engaged in ‘being’ for our well-being.

We would never dismantle a perfect taco ~ we might deconstruct it ~ we might not have all the ingredients ~ we may decide that we can live without sour cream or guacamole (if there’s an avocado shortage) but we would never fully enjoy the sensation of a complete taco without also appreciating the delicious wholeness of it.

So why then, do we say that we are not our ‘feelings’ ’emotions’ ‘physical self’ ‘mental self’ ‘spiritual self’ ‘social self’ ‘fiscal self’ ‘familial self’? ‘career self’ ~ We are the whole taco.

Our very essence as a human is to engage whole heartedly in embracing all of our parts. Even if part is not in alignment with the other parts. We don’t deny or ignore them. We cultivate and grow them, knowing they are part of the whole.

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Just a thought … I might be hungry. 🙂 Happy Saturday ~*image thanks to Sweet Kickin’ Salsa* Also, am blessed to live in a place where we have so many delicious Mexican restaurants. 🙂

I’m about to start writing as a content writer on Fiverr and UpWork ~ I want to become a ghost but have thinking about what that life style would look like. Where I live, it means … more time for great world class cuisine and alternative holistic healing opportunities.

I live in the mountains of holistic healing wonderland. #blessed.



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