February 9, 2022

We got Engaged in our Own Little Bubble.

got engaged

There was only the sound of the sea and the golden light of the setting sun.

I was staring at the waves gently hugging the shore,

behind the glass wall of the dome where we were sitting.

My eyes followed the horizon,

but yours were set on me.

I could see you from the corner of my eye,

smiling peacefully and gently breathing.

You took my hand in yours and told me how much you loved me.

And I sat there, my heart swelling with all sorts of emotions at once.

I’ve heard those words before,

but not like that.

You were nervous.

Anticipating something I did not expect.

You teared up.

Breathed heavily.

And I teared up, knowing that something’s going to happen.

I did not know what it was.

But I knew my life would not be the same.

You revealed the box that was hiding in your jacket all along,

and there I saw the ring.

I saw you on your knees.

I saw your eyes welling up with tears.

I saw your heart.

I saw you.

Then I saw us together, hand in hand, walking through this life and fighting together.

And you asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you,

but I answered with, “You are my life.”

We fell into an embrace that I didn’t want to end,

an embrace that made me feel as if our hearts were physically molding into one.

And we looked around.

We were having dinner in a dome made of glass on the beach.

And suddenly, the waves turned into the challenges that will try to shake us,

the sands of the sea turned into the people who are going to try to shape us into what society wants us to be,

and the wind turned into the whistles of that society’s expectations.

But we were still in our glass dome.

Nothing could touch us.

We watched them spin and turn, trying to reach us,

but we were still sitting on the cushions, warm with our love.

We were still living in our own little world,

shaken by nothing but the intensity of our love.


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