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February 12, 2022

You are Worthy of the Start

Photo by Rachel Claire on Pexels.

After a solid year as a potato, couch and all, I realized that I had also altered my thoughts as well as my body. With every extra pound, there was an extra thought that pointed toward the stop, instead of the go.

With each physical glitch that slowed me down, grew a new idea that somehow the not doing, was going to protect the wounded part, instead of the other way around.

I realized I had to get up when I heard my own thoughts slide back into thinking I wasn’t worthy of feeling strong, healthy and loved.

No matter how old we are along this journey of being human, we can completely change our entire lives with one, single thought.

We are worthy of working toward whatever it is we wish to achieve.

There are formulas out there to help us change our minds, or mindset. There are recipes for how to navigate our mind/body connection to create a sense of self that wants to create something different.

Often times, we forget to have that inner dialog with ourselves to remind us that we are worthy of improving that part of ourselves that needs focus.

When someone says to you, “You are worthy of love”, how do you react? How do you feel about that statement? Does it excite you or make you feel uncomfortable?

When was the last time you told yourself that you ARE worthy of a strong mind, a strong body and a strong self of self love?

Feeling worthy of goodness is the first step to achieving a whole human experience. Once we know we are deserving of love, respect, desire, achieving and doing, we can begin learning and growing.

The start, for me, is the knowing. So often, when people give up one part of their whole, they also don’t think it’s worth trying. Somebody somewhere convinced them of that. Childhood, or in adulthood, there was an event or person who said, “you don’t deserve … xyz”. They were wrong.

We often hear that it’s intrinsic motivation, which is in part true. It’s also extrinsic motivation. Surround yourself with an environment where you can flourish.

Knowing that you are worth fighting for means that you self-love so much, you are able to heal yourself from the inside out. Society and culture will not be part of your lens until you are so convinced of yourself that they can no longer influence your decisions.

The longer we stay stagnant, the harder it is to remember who we are, and that we have as much right as anyone else to achieve everything.

Whole body love, life, light and living begins again the moment you feel worthy of it. Start now. Treat yourself with each workout, each day, or each week. Don’t hold off on celebrating that you did it.

This is a gift you give yourself.

In peace and self love,




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