March 23, 2022

10 Yogic Travel Wisdoms Everyone should Know About.


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Traveling is sometimes out of necessity or as simply pleasure.

To make travel joyful, memorable, and inspiring is an art most frequent travelers learn. These 10 travel wisdom help in transforming our travel experience from boring to exciting:

1. Prepare before the trip all activities you might want to do, like reading materials, games, movies, and so on. Include a notepad/diary—book or electronic to write.

2. When traveling, embrace timelessness. Try not to look at the clock and get entrapped in time unless inspired and wanting to plan more with time on hand. When we seldom look at time, time slips fast as we are in timelessness. When we keep looking at time we could be subdued with impatience and boredom.

3. While planning for food that is healthy and medicinal, keep our mind open to new local food as indulging in the culture as an adventure. To a yogi, the next meal is the best meal yet. When we are inspired to adventure with different cultural food and are flexible with what food is on hand, eating becomes less stressful and more inspiring.

4. Traveling to new places stimulates our thinking afresh and actually evolves us. Masters prescribe travel to develop our innate geniuses. Travel can help us let go of beliefs, habits, and nature that no longer serve us and we end up recreating ourselves with new intents, practices, and disciplines.

5. Embrace travel time as self-care to cocoon ourselves. Meditating during this time is impactful as we are not worried about lack of time. Traveling holds the space of timelessness that aligns meditation, contemplation, dreaming, and planning.

6. Be in the mindfulness of the “flow” while traveling by entwining the magic of unraveling the “new” as experiences while being in the “now” simultaneously. When in the flow of making room for the dynamic changes while joyful of the moment we are in, time flies.

7. Traveling time holds the potential of greater thoughts, strategy, and decision making. With the availability of more of ourselves to ourself as in going within, travel gives us time to ponder, think, and plan.

8. Embrace the reality that there will be plenty of time to sleep and rest. It is okay to do nothing. Allow ourselves this space of relaxation as privilege so we are not bored with having time on hand.

9. For some of us who enjoy companionship, Will Roger‘s quote “I never met a man I did not like” stands as a valued travel wisdom. It is inspiring and time-absorbing to have interesting conversations and make new friends while traveling.

10. Let our heart sing with mantra chants. Be in the mantra fires that resolve anxiety and stress while expanding consciousness. By chanting the mantra within, our subconscious mind is kept occupied while each moment serves as prayers of Source connectivity. When our heart sings, we are in a meditative mode of timelessness that condenses time.

In chanting the mantra continually we are activating our supermind states the Sages call turiya, the sleepless sleep that is intensely restful, mindful, and rejuvenating.

Travel blessed in being the blessings!


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