March 27, 2022

4 Profound Lessons we can Learn from the movie “High Fidelity.”

The Oxford dictionary defines fidelity as, faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.

One of my favorite John Cusack films is “High Fidelity,” where he plays a record store owner who is balancing the challenges of work, his love life, and finding his true purpose. I’ve watched it at least a dozen times, and every single time I view it, I weep, I laugh, and I’m instantly inspired. Jack Black co-stars in this amazing movie and provides so much comic relief, it’s astounding. I love the cast and the soundtrack so much.

This movie fills my heart with such incredible emotion. I’m constantly reminded of how precious life can be, every time I see it.

I’d like to share four profound lessons that I’ve learned from watching this amazing film, again and again:

1. Life and love are perfectly imperfect.

We all know that perfection is a “pipe-dream.” There is no such thing. The biggest challenge every human must face is the acceptance of imperfection; everything, including people, circumstances, and life will never be perfect.

Are we able to fully accept reality? Can we let go of control?

2. If you love someone deeply, hold on, but not too tightly.

Give them space to evolve and experience life in all its glory. If you treat them with kindness and respect, they might come back.

I adore the premises of “High Fidelity’s” love story—relationships are hard as f*ck, people need to be nurtured and respected for their choices, they change and evolve, and true love has no bounds.

John Cusack goes through a series of revelations about what it all means while conversing with the camera. You can’t help but be endeared by his questions, admissions, innocence, and vulnerability. He concludes that if you let people fly, they’ll come back if it’s meant to be. Otherwise, it’ll hurt like hell. Regardless, you have to let them go.

3. Don’t underestimate the power of your voice.

Speak your truth. Never be ashamed to admit unhappiness. Repression only results in sadness.

In one of my favourite scenes, Jack Black hits the stage and wows everyone with his hidden singing talent. Something about his performance makes me smile from ear to ear and well up at the same time. He makes me feel hopeful and so incredibly alive.

Are you dimming your light? Is fear keeping you stuck in your comfort zone? Are you desperate to unleash something bubbling beneath the surface? If the answer is yes, then make like Nike and Just Do It!

Time waits for no one. Do it now. Don’t let another week, month, or life pass you by—make it happen and make yourself happy.

4. One of life’s tragedies is that death can make us appreciate it.

Death puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? There’s a scene where Cusack’s girlfriend mourns the loss of her father.  She asks Cusack to attend the funeral and he rushes to her side. When she weeps, I get triggered every time.

I just lost my father this past New Year’s Day. Searing heartache hits me whenever a film highlights the loss of a loved one.

If I may be so bold. Pay more attention to the people you love while they’re living, breathing, and present in this world. Don’t take them for granted. Ever. Make memories. Call them often. Make plans with them. Don’t go a week without making a phone call. Otherwise, you will regret it.

Harness every ounce of joy out of life. Love people for who they are, not for what you want them to be. Show respect. Show admiration. Be patient. Be compassionate.

I believe that these four lessons are universal. I hope you can garner some gems from them. Sending you good vibes, light, love, and joy for eternity.



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