March 17, 2022

4 Ways we can Communicate with Energy & Intuition.

You are energy.

I am sure in many ways you know this.

You know that you feel your own energy, and you know that you feel the energy of other people and places, but you probably find yourself doubting these feelings.

You wonder if what you are feeling in your body and seeing in your mind is “real.”

This is such a normal reaction, and, in many ways, a retraining we’re having collectively.

This is why I am here to tell you, yes, you are having real energy experiences. You are getting messages in your own body and mind, informing you about your journey, and giving you information about other people and places. You might not understand fully how to interpret or relate to the ways you are sensing energy, but the experiences are real, true, and meaningful.

Let’s review the ways in which we can communicate with energy and intuition.

1. Clairsentience, which is feeling energy or intuitive information.

This can come in the form of feeling tingles or physical pain. It can be ear ringing, headaches, or a shockwave through the body. Our senses are a powerful way that we get information, just as our cats and dogs do. We are beings who have strong senses, and we should be using this part of our being all the time as a way to navigate our lives.

2. Clairvoyance, which is seeing information.

Some people actually see auras, as in visually seeing the colors of the energy field around people’s bodies. Seeing auras isn’t that hard to do. Just have a person stand next to a white wall and look at them as you meditate and relax your eyes. You’ll see some white, green, or red light on the wall near the person’s body.

But also clairvoyance can be seeing an image in your mind, like a movie playing on the inside of your forehead. Again, this might seem like imagination, but, in fact, imagination is information. If you’re feeling confused about your life and want guidance, clairvoyance can show you information from your past, your past lives, your future life, or archetypal information from your multidimensional experiences that are presently occurring. Guidance is all around us. We just need to calm down and look and see it.

3. Clairaudience, which is when we hear information.

Sometimes we might just hear a name or a word. Clairaudience can be subtle; it can seem like you’re just having a thought, but in fact it’s spirits, your higher self, or other people telepathically communicating with you. If every time you hear a message, you assume you “are making it up” and “it doesn’t mean anything” then you will be missing out on important information trying to help steer your life in a beneficial direction, and then no wonder you feel lost.

4. Claircognizance, which is that feeling that you just know something.

You don’t know how you know it, but you do. Again, doubt will come into play here, but claircognizance is a powerful ability to get pertinent information when you need it.

The Universe is always communicating with you. The Universe is infinite and there is an abundant amount of information you can tap into that will expand your knowledge and manifesting potential.

But you need to slow down and listen and not disregard what comes to you as dumb or stupid.

Everything is one. You are an essence of the Universe. When you align with peace and love, you help move the entire cosmos in that direction.

It’s easy to be mad at people perpetuating hate and greed, but more difficult to stop, be still, and ask where in your self can you let go of hate and greed, and open more to being part of Universal Consciousness.

It’s time for more of us to do what is difficult.

Keeping busy and entertained all the time is a way we miss out on listening to our own energy and intuitive guidance that will help send us on our highest healing path.

The more you connect with the different clairs, the more you will see that energy is talking to you all the time and inviting you to open further to your soul potential. All you are being asked to do is listen and sometimes even act on what you are hearing, sensing, seeing, and knowing.

I know you can do it.


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