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March 6, 2022

5 Questions To Design The Life You Love

Photo by Nina Uhlíková on Pexels.

Not sure where to start in creating a life you LOVE?
Here are 5 powerful questions with you that will help you clearly define the future you want to create!
(Be sure to grab a pen & paper and add these to your journal for reflection)
Having a clear vision in your heart and mind of how you want your life to be is essential. It is the starting point for everything else that you do, like the blueprint for your future. It shows you what to focus on and guides you in making the big decisions that matter most: from your career to personal relationships.
These 5 questions will help you to get started with YOUR vision so that you can create it.
As you answer them, be sure to write down any intuitive messages that come to you. It is okay if you need further reflection to find clarity.
❓ Question 1: What do you LOVE to do?
The seed of an extraordinary life starts with the heart: what you LOVE to do.
Ask yourself this: What do I need to do every day for me to feel deeply fulfilled?
This will guide you to connect with your higher purpose on Earth.
It is the essential building block of your future; because if your heart isn’t engaged, the rest of you won’t be either.
❓ Question 2: If you could achieve anything in your life, what would it be?
Once you know what you love to do, you can ask yourself what you would love to achieve.
What goal would you love to aim for? What vision would you love to create? What would bring your life deep meaning?
Your purpose is the seed for your greatness, and once you align with it, you can unleash your potential.
❓ Question 3: What difference do you want to make?
Every person I know who lives an amazing life – from leaders & speakers to business owners – makes an impact in the world. They serve humanity, and it brings HUGE rewards into their life because they are focused on a cause bigger than themselves.
If you want to attract amazing opportunities into your own life, take the time to get clear on your difference. What contribution would you ultimately love to make? How do you want to help people?
There is something you care about with your whole heart – and you can live your life in pursuit of it.
❓ Question 4: How do you want to spend your time?
How you spend your time is how you spend your life – and time is the most precious resource you have.
So, what do you want to fill your schedule with? What do you want to do every day? Who do you want to spend time with? What do you want to experience?
Prioritize what lights your heart up, as that is how you will feel fulfilled in life.
❓ Question 5: How will the world know you were here?
This is a powerful question you can reflect on when it comes to clarifying your future.
It encourages you to focus on what you will leave behind in the world, and the impact you want to make in the lives of other people. This question will give you a big-picture perspective of your life and help you to focus on what your life is ultimately about.
Will you focus on writing books? Running programs? Mentoring? Launching a new business? Delivering keynote presentations all over the world?
Whatever it is for you, allow this heartfelt vision to guide you into the future you want.
No matter where you are today, you can create an extraordinary life – and that is what you truly deserve.
So, once you can see your vision clearly for what you would love, stop at nothing and let nothing stop you from creating it.
You can do this.
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