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March 31, 2022

A Grounding 12-Month Moon Practice beginning this Aries Dark Moon. {April 1}


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Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


This rising dark moon feels different to me, does it to you?

I’ve been pondering how Aries season has ignited so much fire and movement in the world.

An Aries moon, with Mars ruling, carries a definite boldness to do with identity and action. Our image—how others see us—the masks we wear, our need for independence, and our capacity to assert ourselves are strongly in play right now.

We saw this manifest during the Oscars, the dark moon energy drawing out the shadows which we collectively began to address in conversation and within. There are no coincidences: the planets continue to align in ways that awaken us to progress as humans within society. I see such alignment between our outer and inner worlds, and how beautifully orchestrated is our journey by the movement of the cosmos. Everything is connected.

I’m forever starting this ritual or that. Rituals keep me focused, grounded, and present. A 12-month moon practice can be a powerful container, especially when it is hosted by a specific moon phase.

Since we just began a new astrological year, the energy is perfect for a new ritual. If you desire to take such a path for the next 12 months, here are some things you may dance with:

>> You may note the progression of the zodiac signs as you move through the year since the dark (new) moon falls in the same sign as the sun. Therefore, when the sun is in Aries, the new moon in Aries, and so on. Full Moon does not follow this same pattern. You can tie other astrological aspects into your journey as well—such as eclipses and how they affected that particular dark moon, or retrogrades for that matter.

>> The Dark moon is the culmination of a lunar cycle, merging with the beginning of the new one. In this liminal space, you will find connection to both death and rebirth, the continuum of life, composting the old, and hope of the new. When you look back in your journal, you may see a pattern of directions you embodied during each month. It truly is interesting to witness ourselves in this way. I tend toward the death theme most months, with rebirth lagging behind until the first crescent appears. But sometimes the in-between space of dark moon has me in a sort of limbo that is neither too comfortable nor uncomfortable. I wonder what it will be for you, as highlighted by your own sun and moon sign.

Notice which emotions you tend to cycle through at Dark Moon. You may see a pattern forming, paying attention to the seasons as well, because they can affect how we feel.

>> Are there certain situations that tend to come up during this moon phase? Such as wanting to shed—belongings, relationships, obligations, or habits. Or perhaps a desire for quiet, anonymity, solitude?

Compare this phase to how you felt a full moon, and what happened in your life during the two weeks until dark.

>> Work with one goddess, herb, tree, oracle the whole year for a profound experience. Let the teachers come.

>> Use this time of presence with yourself as a springboard for new moon action and full moon manifestation. Unless we take time to honor the transition period between one lunar cycle and the next, we lose a valuable conversation with our hearts. Tie up loose ends, release some attachments, make room. That is really the beauty of a dark moon practice- making room for what is next.

>> It’s fun to honor ourselves during such rituals with creating a special atmosphere for the dark moon day and night. Your altar could receive new attention, a dark candle may be lit, you can spend the day in nature in preparation, enjoy a new meditation or a dark moon circle with your friends. How about a special meal—fruit, greens, fresh herbs, plenty of water and smoothies are magical during this phase, helping with flow.

May this Aries moon bring fresh inspiration, encourage you to live your authentic beingness, to step boldly into new realms of possibility, support your sovereignty and be the path of love and kindness.

*A little gift: my 2022 Lunar, Wheel of the Year, Retrograde calendar is free to download on my website plus other free goodies.


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