March 31, 2022

Aries New Moon: Following your Divine Spark & Expecting Change. {1 April 2022}

Aries New Moon

Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac representing new beginnings and renewal.

The sun enters this constellation at the Vernal Equinox, and so begins a new astrological year, a new season, a new life cycle, and yet another instinctual urge to initiate change, experience our full expression, and push our boundaries to evolve.

A fire sign, Aries is born of the mystical waters of creation represented by Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Out of those waters, new life is born, and just like a baby coming through the birth canal, so too we are separated from source.

A divine spark, an individual soul, hungry, full of zest, passion, desire, and an insatiable need to separate, be, and explore.

And so, this fire sign holds the energy of initiation, movement, action, force, momentum, individuality, and courage. It awakens the warrior-like spirit within us, the one who goes head first into the world, to experience its self, and fan the flame of its divine spark through its actions.

This New Moon will help align our inner world of feelings and emotions, our unconscious, our needs, and our reactions and habits with our solar energy, which is our outwardly expressed world of actions and behaviour, our conscious mind, our will to live, our purpose, and our creative life force.

Their coming together will create a calibration between our sun and moon aspects, which will ignite a sense of excitement and fan the flames of our passion, drive, and desire.

Follow your divine spark.

Have you noticed a buildup of energy in your world?

A new sense of self wanting to immerge?

What are you hungry for?

In this energy of renewal and initiation, what are you ready to create in the world?

What experiences is your soul ready to have so that it may experience itself in a new way, grow, and evolve?

Now is the time to follow your heart, to express the fullness of your potential.

Planetary support.

Mercury is conjunct the sun and moon in Aries. The planet that rules our perception, communication, listening, sharing, and left brain activities will have us thinking and talking about whatever new chapter we are embarking upon with a sharp procession and clear focus.

Chiron, the wounded healer of our zodiac, is also in conjunction to the sun and moon. Its influence will help us find healing in whatever action we take, and in whatever adventure we embark upon, especially if it is in alignment with our divine spark and can offer healing to others from the lessons we learn along our journey.

Mars, the ruler of Aries is talking to the sun and moon in a supportive aspect from the sign of Aquarius. It is in a Stellium with Saturn and Venus in the constellation that represents our rebel nature, the inner genius, the inspired innovator, the eccentric and avant-garde within us, and the outside-the-box, devil-may-care thinker.

What does this mean?

>> We may be inspired to commit to a new action.

>> To take responsibility for our newfound freedom.

>> To act with courage and determination.

>> To seek out community that will venture into new territories with us.

>> To call in the relationships that will support our journey.

>> To think and act in ways that offer value to others and inspire us to take actions that increase our self-worth and prosperity.

Jupiter and Neptune are approaching a significant meeting in Pisces that hasn’t happened since 1856, and would happen again in our lifetimes. This meeting is potent because Neptune rules Pisces and Jupiter is its ancient ruler, making both planets extra powerful in their influence at this time.

What does this mean?

>> our creativity will be expanded (great for artists and musicians).

>> intuition heightened.

>> psychic centre awakened (the veil between this world and spirit thinning).

>> we may have more access to divine guidance.

>> we may experience an outpouring of love onto the planet.

>> a desire to dissolve boundaries.

>> a desire to use your gifts in service to others.

>> a deeper understanding of oneness and our interconnectedness.

>> vivid dreams.

>> increased natural healing abilities.

>> an unbounded sense of self.

>> increased compassion and forgiveness.

>> opportunity to taste the mystical.

Finally, all planets are moving directly right now so we have the energy of momentum supporting us.

At this New Moon in this auspicious month of beginnings, what will you align with?

How will you use this energy to support your healing, your dreams, and evolution?

Make time to meditate, to listen.

The answers are all within.

They unveil themselves in gentle whispers.

Listen for hunches.

Honour instincts.

Be the warrior who comes in peace. This is the highest expression of Aries.

You are a divine spark. You are infinity in a flame. You are the fire of life.

Believe in your magic.

Take inspired action.

Lead from the heart.


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