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March 18, 2022

Change Demands Change, this is the Challenge!

Photo by Olga Lioncat on Pexels.

If you are like me, sometimes we really want something to be different, yet, are not willing to look at ourselves, to feel, think or be different first. We don’t want to be the change in the world but want others to do the change.

Is this human nature, or is it a part that we are still wanting from others – significant others to make a difference in our world? This comes from the subconscious, the deep stunted growths spots in our psyche that are still wanting to be cared for, heard, felt, nurtured or encouraged.

Consider this – the feeling and ‘need’ for others to be this or that is a message from a gap. We want another to fill the void or pain point to stop the feeling.

Remember, all things are within our sphere of influence – the world we ‘see’ is in ourselves.
Our interpretation of what is going on?

The way we feel is a chemical change activating cells changing the function creating sensations.

Our thoughts – how things should be, how they should behave, think and talk are in ‘our heads’.

Our reactions are the combination of the above, a reflection of our interpretation, change in chemistry, our thoughts and how should be. Any time there is a mismatch between what others are doing and our expectations there is potential for a reaction. Is it possible to change our world and create life the way we choose or allow? Yes, it is! But! It takes a conscious choice to create a change, in our psyche.

Start with the subconscious beliefs and programming, for everything created is from this point. Our beliefs dictate how we see, feel and live life.

Fortunately, there are quick, easy and efficient ways of changing our beliefs. Seriously, super easy.

Energy healing,

Subliminal audio,
Somatic therapy opens energy flow through the body.

Conscious awareness – your thoughts, and dive into where and when this starts
Behaviour and what is it really saying?

What are you hearing, and what triggers?

What are you focusing on? Where we put the focus, it grows.

  • Fear of change, fear of stepping out of the ‘norm’ and common doing.
  • Fear of the unknown even when it is good challenges the possibility.
  • Fear of being ‘wrong’ all these years. “You mean we have been lied to through generational ignorance and fear?”
  • Fear of stepping into something that is so foreign and unfamiliar we would rather be with the devil we know!

I invite you to step into your power.

To start the process of unlearning to learn and create your life on your terms.  To be the change in the world you want to see, feel, and experience.  To reclaim your truth – you are love, and powerfully free if you choose to be.

To reclaim your power and design a life aligned with your purpose – to share and live with love.

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