March 5, 2022

Dead Girls don’t Live Here Anymore. {Poem}

If you just wanna come

I’m just not the one.

You don’t need my help to get that job done.

I’ve started this girl over.

Grown into someone new.

I thought I lost myself but

She was hiding under you.


What’s that, you say? We’ve f*cked before?

Then you f*cked a corpse and asked for more.

Dead girls don’t live here anymore.


Buried beneath your sh*t so deep

A million trips, the climb was steep.

To shed all skin that wasn’t mine

The shoveling took a lot of time.


Tore that damn dam down.

The water cleared the space.

I let my eyes get wet enough

To recognize my face.

“When the rain washes you clean,  you’ll know. You’ll know.”

And now…

I only come to solve a riddle

I’ve come to solve the crime.

To find the clues we’ll need to take a ride through time.


The primal wounds are lurking

Somewhere dark and deep.

Each one to be re-tended

Un-sowing what’s been reaped.

I’ll wash yours

If you wash mine

Baptized by the lover’s wine.


Start back as a baby

Rock me back to sleep.

Show me that I’m safe here and

I’ll tell you what to eat.


Play with me in sunshine

Rest with me through night.

Start the journey over

Making wrong turns right.


Melt solid back to water

Where we can take a swim.

We can only truly go inside

Outside these lines of skin.


And back to I, from we, we go

To pay the human price:

To know the warmth of liquid

One must feel the cold of ice.


The answer to the riddle

Came by acting out the crime

All words, it seems, form only when our letters are combined.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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