March 20, 2022

“Eye See You”: how locking Eyes can help us Become fully Present (in our Lives).

I believe that I have a “sixth sense.”

I believe that I can see things in people that they can’t always see in themselves. Sometimes, I can pinpoint certain qualities about a person simply by looking deeply into their eyes. And there have been instances where I’ve shocked a lot of people with my findings and simple observations.

I’m all about eye contact. I enjoy paying attention to the world around me. I try to be as fully present at all times. And I absolutely love to “people-watch.” I can also read body language quite well. I instinctively know what to say, and when to say it. You can say that I’m a “barometer” for the human spirit.

After over two years of lockdowns and being homebound for the most part, we’re coming out of this pandemic now. For a few years, we were all wearing masks to shield our smiles, with only our eyes on display. And during these few years, I paid closer attention to people’s eyes.

The eyes are the window to the soul.

The Importance of Eye Contact

My favorite thing to do is to really look into someone’s eyes when they’re speaking to me. I have the innate ability to really see one’s “aura.” The raw, authentic way they look back at me tells me an immediate story about who they are.

In my opinion, it’s vitally important to look someone directly in the eyes when speaking to them. It shows respect, focus, intent, care, and vulnerability.

Sometimes when I speak to people, they dart their eyes everywhere. This can represent a scattered mind, a potential insecurity in themselves, an inability to be in the now. These folks are impatient with themselves and, clearly with others.

If I am speaking to you directly, look me in the eyes. If you are looking down or away from me, you aren’t there. You’re already thinking about where you would rather be, or need to be.

Paying Attention

Hello? Are you there?

One of my pet peeves is when I’m beginning a conversation with someone, and then mid-way through the chat, a cellphone rings, or someone else interrupts me and I’m left “dangling in the wind.” I understand and fully support that life is busy and sh*t happens, but come on! I’m speaking to you.

But why do people struggle to pay attention? Because they tend to lose interest quickly. Perhaps the topic at hand may be uninteresting or unappealing. Maybe they don’t care, maybe they can’t contribute to the conversation, maybe they feel inferior/superior to the person speaking. But, for crying out loud, pay attention.

You know what that shows me? Like you actually give a sh*t. Otherwise, it’s disrespectful. Show the people you’re speaking to that you are present. Stop looking at your f*cking phone. Stop staring off into the abyss. Look them in the eyes and show them that you have a mild bit of interest in what they’re saying and have some respect for them. It’s such a simple concept, and yet, millions of people think it’s completely unimportant.

Sorry folks. Paying attention to people is vitally important.

Being Fully Present

This quote says it all:

“If we miss the moment, we miss the clues. In the present, when we allow ourselves to truly live there, we are restored, made wiser, made deeper and happier.” ~ Marianne Williamson

I’ve mentioned that I have the ability to look someone in the eyes and see their “aura.” The colors that I see are sometimes magical and dazzling to witness. Other times, I am saddened by what I observe. When you’re present, your eyes naturally sparkle. When you’re somewhere else, you are fidgety, frazzled. Your eyes speak volumes.

Look me in the eyes, and I’ll tell you who you are.

When you’re present, when you’re living mindfully, you are focused and engaged in the here and now—not distracted or mentally absent.

Being present can profoundly change the way we experience our world. When you genuinely care about what’s happening in the moment, you’re mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in sync.

What does being present feel like?

Being fully present means being fully conscious of the moment and free of the noise of our internal dialogue. It’s often associated with feelings of stillness and peace. We are not distracted by ruminations of the past or worries about the future. We are centered.

Eye See you.

So please, make more of an effort to pay attention to people. Remaining present will require some degree of effort and commitment on your part.

Remember that the present moment is all we have. Pay attention. Enjoy every moment. Make eye contact. See everyone as a teacher. Live, learn, and love.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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