March 9, 2022

Breaking the Bias: How to Balance our Masculine & Feminine Energies.

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Women may hold up half the sky.

But our patriarchal systems have shackled us for centuries. When I say “us,” I mean both men and women because the negative effects of the current global masculine-feminine imbalance have shackled both men and women.

Patriarchal systems haven’t always dominated society. There are examples throughout history when masculine and feminine energies coexisted in societies harmoniously. For example, villagers worshipped gods and goddesses alike. And Indigenous peoples regarded themselves as both consumers (masculine) and caretakers (feminine) of Mother Earth.

The Chinese philosophy of yin and yang aptly describes how opposing forces can work together for an enriched result. Think of the sun and the moon fuelling our bio rhythms, sweet and sour flavours tantalising our taste buds, and male and female birthing new life.

All is well when yin yang energies are in balance. But when complementary energies fall out of balance, unhealthy symptoms inevitably show.

In our modern society, an obvious unhealthy symptom exposing the imbalance of masculine-feminine energy is the rise of the #metoo movement. Another is the #blacklivesmatter movement. Both of these powerful global movements call for a shift from the masculine structures of power and control toward the feminine institutions of respect and inclusivity.

A further obvious symptom is the ill health of Mother Earth. Her increasingly erratic behaviour—floods, typhoons, fires, and droughts—is akin to a call for help, a call for more nurturing, creativity, and growth to restore the vitality that has been stripped through years of degradation and neglect.

This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is fitting in this regard—equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.

So, how can we restore the natural order of masculine-feminine energies? And what role can we play as individuals?

Regardless of our gender, we can start by bringing conscious awareness to our own levels of masculine and feminine energies. We can:

>> Tune into our intuition, do our inner work, and live purposefully.

>> Find our voices and contribute our views, knowing that they add value.

>> Act with compassion, kindness, respect, and curiosity.

>> Nurture relationships with family, friends, and community.

>> Connect with nature, recycle, consume less, plant more, and help animals.

Most importantly, we can listen, hear others, understand them, and #breakthebias.


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