March 16, 2022

Go Find Yourself Again, Mama.

go find yourself

Don’t lose yourself in your new life, Mama

So quickly your whole world will change
In the flash of a moment, you become everything to another being
Another life now depends on you for survival
And because you want to do your best, Mama
You focus on that and that alone

And you are just so tired, Mama
The most exhausted you have ever been in your entire life
And in this zombie-like state, you don’t even realize
You don’t even notice it’s happening
The old you has quietly tiptoed away
And you see…time
Well, time just keeps moving forward

Then suddenly, one day, you wake up
You look around and you think to yourself
Who am I?
And no, not because you’re unhappy with your life
You are surrounded by an enormous amount of love
And you are so grateful for what you have
But, you can feel it

There’s an emptiness
Something is missing
You miss yourself
You start to wonder…
What happened?
Where did I go?
My passions??
My dreams??
You pushed it all aside
Tucked away in a safe place

I know, then you start to feel guilty and think
Shouldn’t this life be enough?
Being a mom, it’s all I need
Creating a warm and safe home for my family
Being there for everyone, whenever they need me
Making sure everyone is happy
Isn’t that all I need?
Shouldn’t I appreciate all I have?

Well, of course you should, Mama
And I know you do
You love being a mom
And you love your family more than anything
But yet, the emptiness
It’s still there

You should love yourself too, Mama
Do not let yourself feel guilty for wanting more
You can still be everything your family needs
And be everything that you need as well
In fact, you need to be happy
You need to feel fulfilled
You need to be the best version of yourself

Not just for you, but for your family as well
Your life is the example your children will use
When making decisions for their own lives
Show them your true, authentic self
Your happiest self
Now is the time, Mama

Go find yourself again


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Read 2 comments and reply

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