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March 1, 2022

I’m a little bit Reiki but I’m also a little bit %(&)#%&

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As the mother of three young adults whom I’ve prepared for peace, yet also lived through a lot in their young lives, I’m in this mindset right now that I’m sure billions of us are.

Are you also concentrating all of energy on staying focused on the power of sending light and love toward hurting people around the world while also saying, “fork” a LOT?

It’s healthy to be able to stay both proactively focused on the energy of the universe in order to pray for peace, while also being really angry with the injustice of greedy men who only want to take from everyone else.

Staying informed while also staying conscious of our own work can feel like a mental marathon.We have to give ourselves grace, yet feel both blessed and what? Guilty? Frustrated? Confused? Maybe, a bit of all of the above in our tea, as we spend more time than usual, watching for updates on what’s going on across the ocean.

There is an ocean between us, yet, my heart is right there with the moms who have to protect their kids, or let their kids go. There is no difference between humans though.

The great equalizer is that we are all human. As such, we have the same emotional capability. We do not have the same background. At first, I thought, it’s normal and healthy to be this angry, but then, got flooded with all the ‘positivity’ posts telling everyone to think positive thoughts.

A total contradiction to the world coming together in determined anger right now.

As a Reiki master, and happiness researcher, I know that it’s more complicated than that. So does the world. I know that the positivity movement doesn’t mean to harm anyone emotionally, but also ~ read the room.

The collective room is calling for both healing energy AND the swift end to a made up war that serves nobody other than a handful of self-serving men. Does that make me angry? You bet it does.

It is possible to be both? It’s natural human response to trauma and to fear to want both.

Check in with your mental health. Take care of yourself. There is a moment in our lives when we have to decide to put the thoughts, lives and emotions of others above our own.

Now, imo, is that moment.

Sending love and light to all in danger.



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