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March 31, 2022

Inside Out, a movie close to my heart

I watched Inside Out for the second time recently and without fail it touched me emotionally.

The movie is made beautifully, representing our inner world that ultimately guides our outer world.

The concept of our emotions taking care of us is so unique.

Joy stepping in at the right time.

Anger coming out on some much needed moments.

Disgust saving us from bad choices.

Fear saving us from pitfalls.

The one emotion shown so explicitly was sadness.

Quiet, tired and yet observant.

Without giving any spoilers, I want to draw light to a significant message in the movie.

Definitely our lives run on joy,that is what living is all about. Creating memories that are priceless.

Speaking from personal experience, I have found joy to be a lifesaver, in moments of cuts and scrapes. In times of zero motivation, the innate need to find something good has helped alot.

On the other hand sadness is as dominant as joy in some phases of life.

I have felt exactly the way the movie described sadness, days unable to do anything because the weight of everything is so much . Sadness drops you to rock bottom.

But the upside is, sadness brings you people to hold you up. Countless times I have been uplifted by people who love me, who understand that I need help especially when I don’t ask for it. The hugs received on those days are truly remarkable.

This is where I agree with the premise of the movie, sadness and joy are key in different aspects of life.

While joy has given me moments of sheer bliss.

Sadness has given me warmth of love.

I have felt both on somedays and the emotions have co existed together.

Like the protagonist in the movie, I feel that my emotions are what make me.

And there is no shame in feeling the weight of an emotion.

After all that is what makes me human.

Whenever any emotion visits me , I let it.

I don’t fight it or shame myself for it.

Because many times each of these emotions has been there as a guiding force.

Fear has helped me not fall down and break my head while playing in childhood, has helped me be vigilant in public places and unknown cities while alone as an adult.

Disgust has warned me of bad company and bad choices, has reminded me of who I am.

Anger is also a part of me that loves me, has taught me to know what I deserve and fight for myself, ofcourse choosing my battles wisely.

Joy is the be all and end all of so many chapters of my life, joy is what I seek out even on the rainiest day.

Sadness is that friend that reminds me to reach out, tell people that I need them and that is when life has become bearable.

This movie is so close to me, I truly resonate with it.

I honestly feel that each emotion co exists and that is the beauty of being alive.

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