March 9, 2022

Learning How to Love yourself is an Ongoing Journey Back to your Soul.

I wrote this on 2-22-22, when after meditation, I asked for a message for me and for others.

It helped me, and my hope is it can help you be a little kinder to yourself too.

Learning how to love yourself

Is an ongoing journey

Back to your soul.

Connecting once again

With that unconditional love within

Is the ultimate goal.

You have undergone challenges

Overcome traumas, hardships

Limitations and more.

Life on this planet

Can be far from “easy”

It’s about learning, not keeping score.

You deserve happiness, joy, health,

Abundance, supportive relationships

and a deep feeling of peace.

Usually, that takes some healing of the past

Consciously choosing

The negative self-talk to lessen, then cease.

You can be so hard on yourself

Focusing on what has not been done

Instead of all achieved

Refocusing yourself

On gratitude and what you have made it through

Will begin to make you feel relieved.

You’ve been so strong and weathered on

During one of the most challenging times

To be on this Earth

You deserve to feel the love from inside,

Support, pride, and a

healthy sense of self-worth.

Putting your hands on your heart can help

Recalling good times

Had in the past.

We often don’t give these times enough energy

More comfortable sitting

In the negative memories we have amassed.

Sitting in the gratitude for what was and is

Empowers you to know

“Life is good.”

It aligns your energy with hope,

Love and joy

Moves you from “should” to “could.”

There is no strength in the coulda

Woulda shouldas and

lamenting the past.

There is empowerment

In focusing on what makes you feel good

And the emotions you intend to make last.

Celebrating your differences,

gifts, traits, passions, and

what makes you uniquely you

Attracts more goodness, love, and

Situations to be grateful for

Life starts to feel brand new.

When you change your energy and focus

Life around you in all areas

Begins to shift

You start to feel focus, clarity,

see synchronicities

Instead of feeling like you are floating adrift.

You deserve to feel happy

empowered, supported,

And deep love from within

Focusing on gratitude, and wondering

“Just how good can life get?”

Allows a powerful new chapter to begin!


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Read 2 comments and reply

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