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March 19, 2022

MadMen (A Poem)

Photo by Poppy Thomas Hill on Pexels.

Within the depths; lay shadows bright.

They carry me softly through the night.

To which the silence; deafens my ears.

Silence that plays upon my deepest fears.

The glow of the moon takes me home again; as I stare out to where the sidewalk ends.

The place where all the mad men go; to bury their dreams and hope to watch them grow.

They stare at the concrete wondering why nothing breaks through; so they wish even harder for it to come true.

That maybe they can break free from life in the cage; free from the heartache, sadness, rage.

I don’t tell them their dreams fall dead each day; that they fill the role they’ve been chosen to play.

With silence I close my eyes and slip back into the night; no longer soaked with terror and fright.

For I am the moonlight i’ve seen in my dreams; I am truly awakened to what living means.

I do not bury my wishes in cement like them; I know the sidewalk never ends.

For nothing can end if it doesn’t exist; this is the key the common men miss.

In order to break free you must silence the show; forget the place the mad men go. 

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