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March 23, 2022

Mudras, Vitamin D3, Walking, Cycling, Stair Climbing Keep Anxiety & Depression In the Dog House.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.

I have known many people filled with anxiety, depression, and anxiousness.

At one time, I was filled with anxiety. I have been bullied by racists my whole life. A person can overcome that. Today, I am extremely happy, even though I have a depressed and chronically angry partner.

I emerged from the depths of depression after group bullying at a technical college many years, ago. It’s not helpful to yell or rage although I have done that.  We are all human after all!  Sometimes, people just need an “external mirror.”

I only seem to be an extrovert because of the many times I have done done poetry readings, You, too can become a 500 lb emotional giant even if you are 5’1.”.  If someone or a whole bunch of someones believe in you. You too can be a Kindly Emotional Giant even if you look like Shrek or Yoda.

Now for the goodies:

This is not original, I saw this on YouTube. it is a time-honored technique.

1)  Create a mudra by joining thumb and forefinger.  If you like, sit in a quiet, dark place. Outer stimuli might be loud music, your neighbor yelling at his girl friend, etc.  This exercise will calm you.  Do it for 15 minutes if you like.

2)  Exercise works wonders with depression.  Walking is the cheapest and most easily available option in terms of exercise.  All you need are comfy walking shoes, something with good tread, of course.  I just do housework.  If you sit all day in front of a screen you will be anxious and depressed.

3) Magic Vitamin:  Vitamin D3.  This vitamin helps keep depression in the trash can. D3 for a sunny personality.  On some people it doesn’t work, like my partner.  It is an important vitamin for Bone Health, too.

4) Allow your anxiety to just be.  Fighting anxiety will make it worse.  This tip from the American Psychological Association.

5)  This last tip came from Melanie Tonia Evans.  She blogs about how to deal with narcissists.  But this tip is about dealing with minor aches and pains, pulsing in your head, shortness of breath, minor chest pain, etc.     Really feel it.

Don’t try to numb the pain with working excessively,  food, alkie, compulsive shopping, gambling, TV binging, netflix binging, or pot.  Believe it or not, if you allow yourself to feel your minor physical aches and pains or anxiety symptoms, they will pass.

I am not referring to something serious like a slipped disc or a concussion.

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