March 5, 2022

How to Experience Intimacy, Pleasure & Connection in a Kiss.

I love to kiss; for me, it’s an experience of deep intimacy and arousal.

There’s a conversation in our kiss, in the delicate touch of lips and tongues we tell our lovers so much. Our presence, our love, our desires are communicated in the moment.

We can bring ourselves into presence with our kiss—into an awareness.

More than that, a kiss can be a meditation.

It’s not just foreplay, it’s not just a lead-up to sex: it’s a journey on its own. There is a world of sensation, of emotion, of feeling, of energy in our kiss.

It can be playing, it can be a celebration of the joy of our mouths, the joy we find in each other.

It’s a dance of lips, mouths, tongues, breath, pressure, tempo.

It’s a feast of texture, taste, and aroma.

Our kiss can be tender, soft, slow. Liquid flow.

And it can be fire, growling, passion, messy.

We can ride the waves of gentleness and fire, kissing slow and soft, hard and deep and urgent. Our mouths become the expression of all that is within us at that moment. My hand in your hair pulling you to me as I share my fire with you. My hands on your face surrounding you, enclosing us in connection.

Kissing is sex and lovemaking on its own. We get lost in the taste, in the sensation. My whole body, my whole being, my heart is expressed in my kiss. It’s a dance of energy as we move in and out and around each other. It’s the song of our intimacy in our sighs and our moans. And it’s the portal to lovemaking divine in the sacred element of our kiss.

Conscious kissing allows for deep sharing, intimacy, and love through the beauty of the feelings and sensations of our mouths. We get lost in ourselves, in each other, in the moment. And it becomes a time of love making us.

When I teach massage and touch, it begins with the heart connection.

You can do the same with your mouth, and this is how we make our kiss an expression of consciousness and deepen the intimacy within us—between us.

Become aware of your heart centre in the middle of your chest.

Maybe even put your hands there to connect with your heart.

Become aware of breathing into your heart centre and exhaling from there, breathing in and out of your heart centre.

Become aware of what you’re feeling, the sensation, maybe you experience warmth, a colour.

Breathe into that. Then as you breathe, become aware of whatever you feel flowing to your mouth, filling your tongue, your lips, your teeth, everywhere in your mouth.

Look into your lover’s eyes.


Slowly come closer.

Feel the energy, the anticipation.

Feel their lips close, close, closer.

Almost touch, almost.

And make the first touch a greeting, a melting.

Touch your lover’s lips with the lips filled with the energy of your heart.

Explore all of their mouth, their lips, their teeth, their tongue.

Suck their top lip into your mouth, then their bottom lip.

Gently bite and nibble their lips…then not so gently.

As you suck their top lip, they suck your bottom lip.

Be absolutely passive, allow them to kiss and explore you, to lick your lips, circle their tongue on your lips, in your mouth.

Mirror each other’s dance, whatever they do, you do.

Sigh your breath, your moan, your love, your desire into their mouth.

Slowly, so slowly you kiss.

And then you feel a wave of passion as you grab them with your arms, squeeze them as you kiss them hard and deep.

Change your position, the angle of your mouth on theirs.

Laugh as you kiss.

Look into each other’s eyes as you kiss.

Suck their tongue into your mouth.

Surround their mouth with yours.

Lick outside their lips.

There’s a world of possibility in our kiss.

A world in my mouth, to share with yours, in intimacy, in energy, in feeling, in arousal, in love, in presence.


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