March 3, 2022

The Right Thing to do in Ukraine.

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I’ve realized with this Ukraine crisis that I am not a bleeding-heart pacifist.

Yes, I would love a world that was filled with peace—and no violence. I think most of us would.

But when a maniacal, power-hungry Putin attacks a weaker country—for no reason at all—what is the right thing to do?

It’s like the entire world is just sitting, watching this horrible thing happen, and doing nothing meaningful to help—and by meaningful, I mean: stepping in to help Ukraine. With military presence.

As I watch everything unfold, I can’t help but feel that Europe, the United States, and NATO are not doing enough.

Yes, they are arming Ukraine and clapping when Zelensky speaks and wearing Ukrainian colors—but Ukraine doesn’t have enough soldiers to hold off Russia. And simply standing in awe of how Zelensky is handling this won’t help Ukraine win—or even survive.

The entire world is just sitting and watching the horror of this—of Ukraine being attacked for no reason.

It’s easy to talk about love and peace and no war—when you’re not the country that is being attacked.

It’s easy to say, just pray and meditate and send love—when you’re not the one who is being bombed.

Biden says United States troops will not step foot in Ukraine, but has its soldiers in NATO countries bordering Ukraine, like Romania and Poland. It feels icky and wrong. Like just standing on the sidelines watching what you know is a humanitarian crisis, a war crime, what I feel to be an act of terror—and doing nothing.

Literally knowing how this will end—the defeat of Ukraine—and not doing all that you can to stop it.

What is the real reason the U.S. and Europe won’t step in?

Are they afraid of Putin’s nuclear weapons? They shouldn’t be. Putin will not release his, because then the U.S. will send theirs and decimate Russia. We shouldn’t be afraid of a nuclear war.

It’s like they’re all scared of a big bully and playing by his rules.

Sanctions are affecting (and will continue to affect) Russia, of course—but they won’t bring the kind of help Ukraine needs now.

Are the U.S. and Europe not stepping in for personal interests? Because they rely on Russia for energy? And on China for so much else?

It honestly makes a part of me cringe to see European leaders standing and clapping for Zelensky, to see American political leaders wearing the colors of Ukraine—because it feels so superficial. What is the use of this support if you stand on the sidelines not doing what you know you need to, knowing—knowing—that Ukraine will fall.

Knowing. Expecting. Waiting for it.

It doesn’t help anyone or anything.

They’re saying they want to avoid World War III—do I understand this? Yes. However, is this a true fear? And if they are avoiding a World War by allowing a country to be decimated by Putin—then what is the point of anything? What kind of world do we live in?

It’s not just a “regional conflict.”

This is not just about Putin versus Ukraine.

For much of my life, I too, would have said—I don’t believe in war, ever. I don’t believe in violence. Peace and love and all that. In my heart, this is the world I want to live in—one without war, one filled with peace.

But sometimes, it’s not enough.

I know my opinion is going to differ from many—including many who work and write here—but I feel NATO, Europe, the United States should step into Ukraine and actually help defeat Putin.

They’re not doing enough.

They’re not doing what’s right.

Everyone is just watching everything unfold from a distance—while also knowing that without military intervention, Ukraine will fall.

Will U.S. and European leaders act devastated when this happens? Shocked when this happens?

They shouldn’t.

Because they know it will happen.

And they have the chance to actually step in and make a real difference.

Right now.


I also know this is easy for me to write on the sidelines, as someone who is not in the military. As someone who would not have to risk my life. And would I personally want to fight there now? From my distanced perspective, truthfully, I think I’d say no. I’d prefer to never personally be involved in war. So, I do wonder about how I can feel so strongly about something when I also know that I personally would not want to go there to fight. And when I’d prefer that we never had to have war. That the idea of it never existed. And yet, still I can’t help that I feel it. I can’t help but feel that what is currently being done just isn’t enough. 

And then I think, the people in Ukraine don’t even have a choice—including women. They have to fight. And they need help.


Another good read: Why the Thought of a World War feels Calming to Me.


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