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March 22, 2022

The Story You Tell Yourself Defines Your Life

Photo by Jill Wellington on Pexels.

In each moment, there are at least two ways that you can view your life:

1) You can focus on your obstacles and tell yourself a story that life never works in your favour


2) You can focus on your opportunities and tell yourself a story that your dreams are coming true

There are always two sides to what we experience – no matter what is happening – and our fulfillment, success, and inspiration rest on what we choose to focus on.

For example, You have just started out in your business. You have a small handful of paying clients, but not enough to replace your full-time income yet.

If you focus on the obstacles, here is the story you might tell yourself:

1) “Nobody wants what I have to offer. I’m a nobody. I’m no good at business. I’m going to fail at this, and I’ll have to get a job again.”

If you focus on the opportunities, here is the story you might tell yourself:

2) “I’m so blessed that these clients trust me to serve them. I love serving them, and I can’t wait to serve more people. I am busy making plans to meet new perfect clients. Great things are coming.”

One situation, two different stories.

Which person is likely to see their business through to the point where it BLOOMS?

You got it: the one who sees the silver lining instead of the storm cloud.

The truth is…

NO ONE experiences life without challenges. It is part of being human and it is also exactly how we grow and mature into who we were born to be.


You will encounter new challenges at every single level of your journey. Earning 6-figures a year every year doing what you love won’t solve everything. It will just present you with new obstacles and problems – because you’ll want to go to the next level (that’s evolution).

That’s why learning to master your mind, regardless of circumstance, is critical to your achievement.

If you don’t, you will give up before you achieve your dream.

If you do, you will rise up and attract miracles.


Instead of looking for the issue, search for the solution. Instead of doubting yourself, lean in and go for it. And, Instead of obsessing over problems, count your blessings.

Life WANTS to help you – it has your back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

But if you are too busy complaining or worrying or focusing on what makes you sad or mad, then you will miss all the signposts and support it is providing you.

EVERY DAY is a chance to get up, start fresh & give your dreams a go.

Make the most of it and create the extraordinary life you deserve.

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