March 29, 2022

Things on my mind other than Will Smith.

What’s important that folks are ignoring in this brief moment of WillSmith?

My list, for starters:

Climate crisis, wildfires everywhere, dying oceans, vanishing glaciers leaving billions w/out water. Globalized food systems collapse, rich can afford to move, poor can’t.

With Ukraine/Russia, moving deeper into fossil fuels…or going green, hard and fast.

Putin, war, refugee crisis, rape of innocents.

The too-much-power of Big Tech.

Ketangi, SCOTUS.

Veganism/compassion vs. factory farming/climate.

Plastic fueling climate crisis, killing animals, bad for all of us, not really recyclable.

Globalization continuing to exploit planet.

Oh, and toxic masculinity, race, and…Will Smith.

Jim Carrey sums up the Will Smith Slap succinctly, forcefully, with mindfulness and without rancor:

I do think examining anger, masculinity healthy & toxic, temper, relationships, our relationship to our idols, dialogue are all important.

To be fair, there’s a lot to unpack and learn societally from this moment. For men. For those affected by men. For those who don’t know about alopecia, but now do. For those curious about learning more about anti-racism, and gender dynamics, and communication in relationships, and emotional abuse, and how to deal with temper/anger in the full spectrum of real human emotions. ⁠

What else?

And yes, Chris Rock Knew Better.

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