April 1, 2022

20 Simple but Fun Things we could Do this Spring.


Spring has finally come. *sigh of relief*

As much as I love rain and getting cozy by the fire, I am all for the first, warm rise of the sun after long months of clouds and lightning. I mean don’t get me wrong; asking my partner to hold me under a blanket and drinking warm anise by the hearth is like no other.

But my body and well-being and constant craving for Vitamin D long for the sun, for long walks outside without catching a cold because of the cold wind, for playing with my dog outside without getting him wet and muddy.

And being the picky person I am, I love spring because it comes with a gentle, cool breeze and the warm sun. I don’t get enormously sweaty nor do I feel about to faint because of dehydration.

After a really harsh winter in my country, I am welcoming this spring with open arms and a huge, goofy smile on my face.

Already, the moment the weatherman announced that the weather’s going to be great in the coming days (if “great” for you means sunny and suitable for road trips), I started a list of things I want to do.

They don’t involve long vacations and costly traveling since not everyone is equipped to do that (costs, vacation days from work, and well, economic crisis).

So here’s a list of things we could do this spring that don’t cost much but could bring some happiness and positive energy into our lives:

1. Take a stroll at the park (or any place with greenery) and please your eyes with the wide variety of colors.

2. Start a new workout routine outdoors (if your health allows it).

3. Start biking instead of driving your car.

4. Go to the beach and let the cold water touch your bare feet.

5. Fly a kite (this isn’t only a kids’ activity).

6. Use vibrant colors to paint flowers and plants.

7. Add colorful flowers to your pots: daffodils, crocuses, grape hyacinths, tulips, or any of your favorite flowers.

8. Prepare some refreshing, delicious meals. You could try my go-to veggie fruit salad.

9. Close your eyes and listen to the birds chirping in the morning.

10. Walk barefoot if it’s not too cold for you.

11. Reorganize your closet and home with more spring-y colors (like all shades of green, sky blue, marigold, pink, buttercup yellow, and so on).

12. Stop and smell the roses.

13. If you have a pet, have more playtime outside, letting them enjoy the sun and lots of water!

14. Build and decorate a birdhouse.

15. Do some spring art with falling flower petals.

16. Do more yoga outside and connect with nature.

17. Skip stones in a pond or lake (if there’s any near your house).

18. Fill your house with beautiful scents (like incense or oils).

19. Update your playlist with more upbeat and exciting songs.

20. My personal favorite, start your own botanical scrapbook where you draw plants and flowers and write their beneficial uses.

What are some of your favorite spring activities? Let me know!

Happy spring.


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Read 6 comments and reply

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