April 12, 2022

8 Ways to Love Yourself & the Earth while you Travel.


Hi friends, it’s time to travel!

For those of you who are inspired or curious to learn how to travel in an eco-responsible, mindful, vegan way, these are my eight tips:

1. Reduce your emissions by:

>> Using public transport as much as possible. Taking the bus, for example, is cheaper than parking a car for days at the airport, saves you gas (and the planet emissions), plus you get to enjoy the view.

>> Renting bikes, skating, and walking, not only reduce emissions but you can really get a feel of the place you’re visiting and meet new people along the way.

2. Learn a new language.

When you learn a new language, you learn a new culture. Learn a few words/phrases or get super into it (I know I do!).  Once you arrive, not only will it be helpful, but “a gente” will appreciate it!

3. Travel light.

For me, that means a backpack, fanny pack, and a carry-on (if flying international), even when you’re traveling for your best friend’s wedding and have (two of) her dresses and your dress in your bag! There are companies that claim (profit off of) covering your luggage in plastic will prevent theft and damage, but when you travel light there is absolutely no need to wrap your bag with plastic. You save money, too.

4. Bring Your Own.

Most airlines/airports do not offer compostable or vegan options. So, if you’re traveling for a long period of time, plan ahead; bring snacks like fruit, nuts, chocolate, pack a sandwich, or meal prep…then you get to reuse the containers as your to-go bags or for stocking up for the way back…but if your airport has a restaurant you love, arrive earlier so you have time to enjoy it!

5. Also, bring your favorite water bottle.

And don’t lose it (mindfulness!). We’ve been able to refill in the airplane, in restaurants, and at almost all airports. There are some places that will even pour coffee/chai/juice in it as well. Remember to drink it up prior to the security check.

6. Move yo’ body!

Walk, stretch during the flight, practice some yoga while waiting to board or anywhere you can. Doing yoga for a few minutes can be a fun way to make new friends and inspire others to limber up. While we’re at it, use the stairs instead of the elevator.

7. Learn ways the city/town handles garbage.

Ask folks about compost and zero waste practices. You might be surprised. Again, fill up your water bottle so you don’t need plastic water bottles.

8. Eat local and seasonal.

Download “vegan food” apps that make your search easier…or ask locals for recommendations. We fell in love with one in particular: a community oasis called Harmonia Da Terra. Beware of greenwashing practices; if it’s biodegradable plastic, it is not compostable.

I hope this gets you excited for your next eco-mindful-vegan trip. These tips really helped my travel to be fun and conscientious. Together we can help create an environmentally sustainable world.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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