April 4, 2022

Better Late Than Never: 5 Benefits of Being a “Late Bloomer.”


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I have been a “late bloomer” my entire life.

I once thought it was a terrible thing to feel like I was behind everyone else—that somehow other people had discovered a hidden secret or magic formula that I wasn’t privy to.

But now, as I inch closer to turning 50, I am utterly convinced that being a “late bloomer” has some amazing benefits:

1. You can learn incredible lessons from other people’s crucial mistakes.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking your time when it comes to relationships, career choices, and/or life goals. Sometimes, it’s a blessing in disguise when other people experience huge life events before you. You can take mental notes and then observe what not to do.

2. Good things come to those who wait.

This adage is so on point. I truly believe that certain things in life are totally worth waiting for. I am convinced that the universe is always guiding us in a direction that is meant for us. Sometimes what we think is a negative outcome is actually a positive one. Sometimes when a relationship fizzles, it’s supposed to, whether we like it or not.

When it comes to your life path, sometimes waiting for conditions to be “just so” is definitely appropriate. If you have patience with the process, the best possible outcomes can be yours.

3. You can finally eliminate the idea of “FOMO”—(Fear of Missing Out)—because you aren’t missing a thing.

This was a concept that took me a few decades to master. In my 20s, I couldn’t sit still. I was constantly on the go, and always wanted to be a part of every major social event.

What an unbelievably exhausting way to live.

This is probably an obvious revelation, but it bears mentioning: you cannot be everywhere all of the time. You have to be okay with missing out on certain outings and events every now and again. Sure, it’s perfectly fine to have your “dance card” full—but come on, you need to “take your foot of the gas” and relax sometimes. The world is still going to revolve and move forward, with or without you.

If you miss a few parties, who cares? If you can’t be at a major life event because it conflicts with your already stacked schedule, then so be it. Why put yourself through unnecessary guilt or grief because of it?

4. You can be a guide/mentor/advisor to someone else who might be experiencing precisely the same things.

I have a lot of people in my circles who claim to be “late bloomers.” It’s utterly fantastic, really.

I love knowing that I’m not the only one who sometimes feels the crushing weight of societal pressures to accomplish things within a certain time frame.

I love helping people reach their goals. In my chosen field, I have been a mentor and an example to so many, and I am eternally grateful and blessed to connect with people on such a deep level. It boggles my mind how enormous my impact has been on the most unsuspecting people. I am elated!

5. You can custom design the exact lifestyle you want, and over time, learn how to deflect negativity.

This benefit will serve you well, because through trial and error, you will filter out the bad and only take the good.

I have to use my late father’s beautiful adage here: “Take the best, and leave the rest.”

I feel so honored to be living this life—and even though I struggled and suffered for a few decades, it was worth it. If I had to do it all over again, of course, I would eliminate a few heart-wrenching moments, but overall, I keep thinking how blessed I am to be here, writing these words, connecting with the masses, making good impressions, creating happy vibes.

Life is so damn beautiful, isn’t it? There is so much splendor and wonder all around us. It’s an absolute miracle to behold.

If you are a “late bloomer” like me, then celebrate it. Don’t label it as a negative thing.

It’s absolutely wonderful and should be revered more often than it is.

As I always say, better late than never.


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