April 27, 2022

Choose to Make a Splash in your Life (& a Technique that can Help you Do It).


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Definition of “splash”— “material that has been hit and made to scatter.”

Our emotions and thoughts cause a splash effect in our life.

How we speak to ourselves and the emotions we let ourselves “swim in” definitely contribute to how our lives are manifesting in the outside world—or how we are “making our splash” in this world.

Becoming aware of how important our thoughts and emotions are connects us to our inner power.

This can allow a new sense of freedom and hope starting now. Any patterns of thoughts and behaviors in place that are not serving us have been acquired because of trauma or a disempowered space in our lives. As much as I know all this stuff, having healed my physical body of seven years of illness in three weeks, 15 years ago, I am always still relearning it and reapplying this lesson to other areas of my life.

The areas that need the most healing are the areas that can use the most awareness and kindness, but boy can we meet resistance sitting in those spaces.

I have found this SPLASH exercise that follows can truly help us dive in deep and quickly return to a place of peace and empowerment, and make us feel like we are floating instead of struggling to stay above water.

By tuning in and giving ourselves permission to want more love and support for ourselves, we can transform from someone afraid to put a toe in the water for fear it is too cold, to someone jumping in with both feet and a whole lotta confidence ready to make a splash in our own life and in the lives of others around us.

This splash will be a refreshing and fun one for us. Others can see our confidence, feel our love and joy, and it can inspire them to also dive on in to create their own splash.

So, what is the SPLASH exercise? It is only a few easy steps. I love me some acronyms as it has always been an easy way for me to remember information, and the SPLASH meditation is no exception.


S: Silent

Please get silent. That means give yourself 10 minutes where you turn off your phone, computer, and any other distractions. If the shower is the only time you get peace, please feel free to do this meditation in there as water is an extra healing element, and it is the splash exercise after all!

P: Present

Become present. That means tune into your breathing and ask it to slow down. Or you may choose to count your breaths, in and out. Breathing in for a count of four, holding your breath for four, exhaling for four, and holding for four is the Box Breathing technique and is a useful way to become present. You can also notice the way your body is in contact with the chair, bed, or location you are in. If you are in the shower, notice the way the water feels on your body. Use your favorite way to bring yourself totally into this moment.

L: Love

Please put a hand on your heart and bring in love. How you ask? However feels best for you, and you may change this each time you do it. Bring in the feeling of love you have now or that you had in the past for a pet or a person, or for a quality in yourself or someone else. Bring in your love of nature or a hobby or music. Bring in something that inspires love, and with your breath slowed, ask that the love you feel be centered in your heart. As you breathe, intend to breathe in love, and as you exhale, intend to exhale out any resistance or anything getting in the way of you feeling that love. Stay here as long as you like.

A: Assess

Please keep your hand on your heart if that is comfy as you gently bring to mind an area of your life that can use some love and attention. Maybe it is finances or health; perhaps it is a relationship or just the fact you’ve felt anxious. Bring in one uncomfortable emotion or area you have been feeling into this love-filled space with no judgment, just noticing.

S: Support 

Just as you would offer a loved one unconditional support, I ask you to offer yourself the same now. You will not solve anything by inviting in fear or judgment. Ask yourself one thing you can do to offer yourself some support in this area today. Trust the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe it is a class you need to take, a person you need to reach out to, or a long overdue self-care day you need to claim.

When we are in this loving space, new awareness and ways to support ourselves can come in. Our intuition usually speaks to us in short inside bursts, which might only be a word or sentence. Trust what you receive.

H: Hug

Give yourself a huge inner hug for taking this time to tune in. Seriously, imagine it or physically do it: wrap yourself in a hug and tell yourself you have overcome so much in your life already, and you know this too will be something you can heal and move on from.

Take a breath in imagining this love that you gave yourself is your jump into the water, and as you exhale, see that the splash outward is how that love you gave yourself will affect the people around you.

In loving and supporting ourselves, we set off a ripple effect that truly has an impact larger than you can ever imagine.

There is no wrong way to do this and you can switch it up a little each time to best honor yourself and what you are feeling in this moment. This exercise can take 2 minutes or 20 minutes. It truly depends on how you are feeling in the moment and how much time you have to devote to it.

The more you practice, the more it will feel comfy getting to this quiet and empowering space, and the bigger splash you will create.

When we take time for ourselves, we are telling ourselves we are worthy of the change we want to create. We are tuning into our intuition instead of figuring things out logically with our left rational part of our brain. In doing this, we can create that splash we want in our own life and the lives of our loved ones around us.

I would love to know how the SPLASH exercise felt for you.

Sending much love your way!


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