April 7, 2022

Eco-Love: When Couples work Together to make the World Better.


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Love is action.

Yes, it is a verb. It is what we do, not what we always say. Love is beyond words, and there is nothing more beautiful than couples and families doing what they can to make the world better by how they treat the planet.

This week in my regular writing group meeting, my friend asked if his wife introduced me to all of their pets. This was followed by a wink and a smile.

“There’s at least an extra 200 under the sink,” he gushed. His wife smiled and walked over to the sink in her Birkenstocks and opened the cabinet door. She lifted it out and removed a compost in a sealed container with what looked like a million worms.

Her husband shared, ” I compost, but I don’t do the worms.”

This made me laugh and helped with the tears that I was holding back. The love of friends and couples can flood. When this happens, everyone around experiences the love because love spreads.

The writing group not only warmed my heart that night, but it was also a dose of medicine.

I am an introvert, yet I spent most of my life with family, and before that, periods of some communal living. The pandemic forced isolation. I have always had a passion for the environment, and I have limited my own consumption as well as upcycling, recycling, and repurposing.

This love for Earth started in my childhood as I grew up watching my grandparents garden and make everything that they needed.

I have to admit that living eco-friendly is easier with others because everyone plays a role and a part. Living solo with a cat and male roommate who spends all of his time away means that everything is up to me when it comes to the garden, yard, garage, and house.

When I bought this 100-year-old house, I had an “Under The Tuscan Sun” moment, envisioning men of all kinds helping me to care, renovate, and restore, all the while glistening in the prairie sun.

Over the past week, I worked and spoke with couples and discussed eco-living and how their partners played a vital part. The feedback was exceptional.

The funniest and most openhearted response was “showering together.” Couples who shower together save money and stay connected, I am told.

I smiled as I received this information and agreed. Multitasking is another example. I am told that many wash their bras or feed their plants while in the shower. This too made me laugh.

There are solo things we do to be eco-friendly and things that are only possible with the help of another human being.

The following is one of the smartest eco-friendly activities and functions that so many couples have going on. I hope you find some that align with what you desire, and if you are solo right now, partner up with a friend, family member, or neighbor because together and only together will we make this world a greener place.

I was just a young girl when I was introduced to beekeeping by our family friend. At the time, I was stung, and I thought this was a dangerous hobby. Later, I learned the sweet benefits of beekeeping.

Making your own food is extremely eco-friendly. This takes time, patience, and dedication. There is nothing more delish than honey in your tea and in baking. Where I live there are a few folks who have this going to provide honey for their family as well as a small business venture.

I asked one friend if his wife would take over the bees if he wasn’t able to, and he said, “Hard pass.”

When we partner, the environment is one of those discussions. Often, one partner may be more eco-minded than the other, and this is wonderful because partnerships usually balance each other out.

The partner who might want to be a beekeeper might have a partner who plants the flowers. How sweet it is when two people make anything together and share that with friends and family!


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Read 6 comments and reply

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