April 20, 2022

Every Trumper in America needs to watch (and sing along with) this video.

Immigration is a tough issue.

Assimilation, language, legality, poverty, the safety of a family feeling oppression or trafficking. It can and should be about the spirit behind the Statue of Liberty: “bring me your tired, your poor…” It can and should be approached rationally, and with kindness, not with hate and prejudice.

…because, ultimately, immigrants have much to offer, and make this country what it is, and can make us all richer, not poorer. Your success is not my loss.

But when “immigration” becomes a veiled way of being “racist” in public, that’s another thing.

The below video is fun. You’ll enjoy it. But it’s also vulnerable, and inspiring. All she had was her mother, a diary, and a toy. Her father, swimming across a river.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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