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April 27, 2022

I Used to Be a Compulsive Shopper

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.

For many years I used to be a computsive shopper.

That was strange.  When I went through high school I was the original one outfit (uniform) wearer.  Not as in private school uniform.  I wore maroon colored cords and a beautiful cardigan with yellow and red striped bands above the elbow.   Both flattering and practical.

My mom and I used to cruise the shopping mall every weekend.  We were looky loos.  I never bought anything because I had a classic Twiggy figure.  Nothing fit me properly so I never bought anything.

Fast forward many years into my 20s.  With my first paycheck I bought a gorgeous pair of suede cowboy boots.  They were butter soft.

In my mid 20s, I had two uniforms.  A rayon sailor top with floral cut outs in the collar and an embroidered edges.  Your parents might remember flared pants.  I had a pair of flared jeans I wore with my cream colored top.  My other go to top was a pink rayon top.  I swapped tops for a different look.

Fast forward many years later.  I was lonely and shopped.  I kept trying to stop.  When I realized I had enough, it still took many years to taper off.

I still shop but only because I lost weight by following a vegan diet and naturally over a period of 4 years lost 20 lbs.  A few months ago, I bought 4 pairs of bamboo pants.  Lol.  A couple of pairs of my pants shrunk about 2 inches and I only wear them at home.

I use a lot of my out dated clothes as PJs or night gowns. No need to sent them to take them to the consignment shop or try to sell them.  Most people don’t have much money and won’t pay anything for them.  If they go to a thrift shop people have to pay for them.  I usually donate my old clothes.

Of course, young people wear the latest fashions.  That’s all that’s sold at retailers.

Fashion is fickle.  It changes every year like the weather.  That’s why I seldom shop any more.

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