April 15, 2022

“Like A Boss”: How to Stand Out & Be Extraordinary in Every Area of Your Life.


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“Like a boss” is a catchphrase that’s often thrown around in today’s society that usually features a person completing an action with authority or finesse.

When acting “like a boss,” one may display an air of superiority.

I happen to like this little phrase because if you’re like me, you’ve definitely come a long way, you’ve evolved, you don’t concern yourself with petty people, you don’t get involved in political debates or discussions, and you carry yourself with grace at all times, like a boss.

I see “like a boss” memes on Instagram or Facebook frequently, and it’s also commonly used as a hashtag for posts about successful actions or things people are proud they’re doing. It’s cute, really. I thought about this phrase and what it means at its core: it’s a stealthy expression and can be applied to virtually every aspect of our lives.

Here are a few ways that you can stand out among the crowd and be extraordinary…like a boss:

 1. Be the leader in your family.

You don’t have to be a parent to be a leader. You certainly don’t have to follow anyone else in your family line to gain clout, either. All you need is a little self-confidence and a smile, and that will take you far.

I remember a few years ago when I hosted a large family gathering at my home—25 people were in attendance. I made all the food by myself, and I made my backyard into a summer haven for all to enjoy—like a boss. I took the reigns and made everyone happy that day. It was the perfect escape for my family and it made me so proud to see everyone having such a good time.

2. Kick ass and take names at work.

In your chosen field, you can always be a superstar, even if you aren’t in a managerial role. To kick ass and take names, I find that kindness always works best, in every scenario. My life has changed by leaps and bounds since I became a softer, more compassionate woman.

My career in fitness has spanned over three decades, and in that time, I’ve gone through quite a bit of turmoil. I used to have a “chip on my shoulder,” and I scowled all the time. No wonder I was attracting all the wrong people into my circles back then.

You can kick ass at work by being kind to everyone, even if they don’t deserve it. You can act like a boss by being humble, patient, and understanding. And people will absolutely respect you for it.

3. Be strong out there. It’s a big, bad world.

Having “street smarts” is such a valuable asset, and I believe that everyone should be exposed to the unfamiliar and the uncomfortable, from time to time. It builds character, it strengthens your mind, and it forces you out of your comfort zone.

In the big, bad world, we really need to toughen up—because there are a lot of mean people out there who are only out for themselves and some folks don’t care who they step on or hurt to get ahead.

Want to make heads turn like a boss? Make yourself presentable, walk with an air of confidence, don your favorite fragrance, pop a mint or piece of gum in your mouth, and simply add swagger.

Don’t be arrogant about it—just be your natural, raw, organic, flawed, beautiful self.

4. Be the ringleader, but let others take turns.

Are you the type of person who always organizes dates and plans with other people because if you don’t do it yourself, no one else in your circles would take the initiative?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be the “ringleader” when it comes to making plans with others. But, it’s also important to allow for other people to participate in the plan-making, and even create agendas that may or may not appeal to you.

Like a boss, you know how to accommodate and compromise. Sometimes there are things we have to do but don’t want to—and that’s merely to make another person feel happy. Be a giver, but also know when to take a little.

5. You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Do it like a boss.

This one is so important—because you can apply it to all the areas of your life.

Unless you truly enjoy sabotaging yourself, always strive to make a good first impression when you meet someone new. Within minutes, you can sense whether or not you’ll gel with someone you meet for the first time, but always try to err on the side of being dignified and polite, whenever possible.

Because if you’re going to be an ass and show people how unhappy you are with your facial expressions, that won’t bode well for you.

Be like a boss: stand your ground, don’t be afraid to take up space, speak confidently, straighten up, and fly right.

Now, go out there and live your best life—like a boss.


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