April 12, 2022

Living like the Flintstones out here.

Living like the Flintstones out here.

A regenerative retreat.

A wedding of two dearest friends, with a community full of brilliance and love and humor and empathy and communication.

The roar and crash and swell of the ocean waves, covered in red algae. Plastic all along the seashore, baby turtles struggling to survive (see my prior posts). Yesterday, a swarm of bees settled in the headboard of our neighbors, they were evacuated, they wanted to move us, too, and Michelle and I convinced them we were fine with the bees and not to poison them (they didn’t want to, but were about to because of expectation that we would require them to).

Got sick for a day or two, pretty bad, getting better now. A great weight-loss program, I’ll put it that way. Half the wedding party it seems has covid, now, probably the best one yet to get, but still, glad everyone vaxxed.

So much joy in tradition and family, three languages plus, the learning one gets when around others from elsewhere. A day or two in Venice beach before and after.

Housesitter at home reports that Redford is feeling better.

My second book is at press. Elephant is swimming upstream in the face of social media monopolies and algorithms, yet holds strong thanks to our caring skilled team. Michelle and I doing well, she took such good care of me when I was in such rough shape, throwing up, etc etc. Tough conversations, still, but we’re learning how to be on the path of wakefulness with one another. Planning the wedding, finally, Boulder or Drala, early Fall.

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