April 22, 2022

Not your Regular Earth Day Narrative: 5 Ways to (actually) Build Lasting Change.


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Can Earth Day last more than one day, please?

That’s what I hear when I think of future generations.

I’m not going to write about the doom and gloom climate change that is obviously happening as we speak, because I don’t believe that’s what sparks real change.

Fear doesn’t spark change—unless we get to the point where we actually see the effects of it on our front porch, and a lot of us aren’t at that point yet. It’s a lot easier to turn a blind eye when it’s not visibly affecting us personally, right?

This year is a special one, astrologically, when it comes to the Earth. Not that the others aren’t special, but this one is big.

The nodes of the moon are landing on the axis of Taurus and Scorpio—what the heck does that mean?

For about 15 more months, the Earth is in heavy focus. The effects of climate change may actually be coming to a doorstep near you at a more noticeable rate.

The collective focus is pointed to the North Node (where we are heading) in Taurus and the South Node (what we’re leaving behind, and what we’re bringing with us) in Scorpio.

Think of it this way. We have a suitcase that is stuffed full of old tools that once kept us safe. This suitcase is now splitting at the seams because we’ve accumulated too much.

We’ve got all of these tools that no longer serve us and they’re weighing us down. It’s time to reassess what we’re taking with us. We’ve been trying to create safety out of material things, but if we’ve learned anything from the past few years, our things aren’t saving us.

The low road of Scorpio (what we’re moving away from) is all about power plays, control, and manipulation. We’re seeing it play out, live time, on the global stage. We live in a world where our leaders would rather gaslight, call names, and create crises and distractions while they climb their way to more money and power, while the Earth takes the brunt of it all.

There’s no longer room for the voices of the people. Cooperation seems to be a word that has new context in the eyes of our leaders.

I view it as a pyramid—the one percent is at the top and everyone else is at the bottom.

For the next 15 months, we’re learning to shift the power. We’re moving from the pyramid to a circle—as a collective.

We’re learning how to come back to Mother Earth. We’re learning more about sustainability. We’re focusing on the teachings of those who came before us—before we f*cked everything up. We’re coming back to basics. This is the North Node in Taurus.

I wanted to create a list that is different from the usual actions like reducing waste, stopping use of single-use plastics, turning your lights off, and walking to work because yes, those actions are great, but we need to get to the root of the human condition—and telling people to turn off their lights for an hour isn’t going to get us there.

Here are some things that I will be doing, that may or may not fit the regular Earth Day narrative:

1. Decluttering my physical space.

And by decluttering, I don’t mean bulldozing through all of my belongings until there’s nothing left other than empty space and regret. My goal is to do it with love and gratitude. Check out this post to learn more about how Marie Kondo may actually be onto something. Through the process, a new connection to physical things is built. They’re no longer just things I own, they are things that once served a purpose, and they are then able to receive the love they deserve—whether that’s by me continuing to use them, or by donating them to someone who will.

2. Checking in with myself before buying something new.

Do I really need it? Do I even want it, or is it just a bandaid for something deeper? I want to get to know my ticks at a deeper level. Before each purchase, I will take a breath, sleep on it, and ask myself if it’s really a need or if it’s just something to make me feel better in the moment.

3. Making a list of what I love.

 I often find myself getting back into the grind and forgetting why I’m on Earth in the first place. I want to make a list of the activities, people, places, food, and physical things that I truly love. What lights me up? How can I do more of it? Let’s honor our time on Earth and make it a better place to be. By honoring our truest desires, we move away from the comparison traps of the new, shiny, things and come back to chase the experiences of life instead.

4. Planting seeds.

Literally and figuratively. Starting a garden is one of the best ways to connect back to the Earth. Getting our hands in the dirt, planting new life, and watching it grow. My thumb isn’t so green, but I’m willing to start small and to learn—even if it’s just one vegetable that I love to eat.

Planting seeds in our minds is equally important. I will spend some time thinking about what I want the world to look like and how I fit into that vision. From that place, I can then take steps to be the change and to create the world that I want to live in. This is how we take back our power.

We envision the world we want to see for ourselves and our future generations, and we get out there and do the work. Nobody is going to do it for us, no matter how many times they say they will. It’s time to take personal responsibility.

5. Meditate.

Taking time with myself, my inner world, and my physical body. We’re so often in our heads and our bodies get neglected. Remember that our body is the Earth. It’s the physical manifestation of our being in this moment of time. Spending time with ourselves helps to build the stability and resilience in the mind, which overflows into our outer world, and in turn ripples through the collective.

These ideas may seem a bit out there and wacky, but I truly believe that saving the Earth is more than just reducing the use of plastic and biking to work. The damage we’ve done is much deeper than what we see on the surface, and fixing it starts by going within.

I’m curious to hear if there are any items on this list that spark interest, or if there’s something that you would add!

Let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you.

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