April 7, 2022

“The One” is Not limited to One Definition.

"the one"

We can’t put a label on “the one.”

We can’t say it’s the person who buys you flowers the most or who listens carefully to all your problems. It’s not the man who’d rather spend all his waking hours with you or the woman who is willing to quit her job to help you chase your dreams. It’s not the artist who has a million charcoal portraits of you or the divorced man whose kids adore you. It’s not the animal lover who adores your dog or the woman who has the same beliefs as yours.

We can’t put a label on “the one.”

To you, it might be the one who is capable of holding all your baggage with you. To another, it might be the one who does not care about the baggage and is willing to start a new life with their partner free of drama.

To you, it might be the person who is willing to chat with you on the phone until 3 a.m. To another, it might be the person who cares little about phones and would rather give their partner the space they need.

We can’t put a label on “the one.”

So many have grown aggressive toward the idea of “the one” because of the labels. They started to hate the simple thought of someone saying “I found the one.”

But finding the one is possible. You know why?

Because the one is different to each person. The one may change as we grow older.

The one does not mean that there is only one person on the entire planet with whom we can connect. It means that they are the one we can connect with the most at a certain time in our lives. And if we are lucky enough, or even work hard enough, we can grow together with that one so that our compatibility doesn’t change.

My definition of the one when I was 18 differs greatly from my definition of the one at 28. And I found the one for me. I found the one when I was 23 years old, and we grew together through the years. We’ve changed a lot. Faced a lot. Met each other halfway. Fought. Made up. Made plans. Changed those plans. Made new plans. And now we are planning to get married.

It’s not because of some weird fate that only makes you compatible with one person. Although, I do believe in divine blessing.

But I also believe that relationships require work, but that work wouldn’t be a burden. It would be something we’re happy to do because love is its foundation, and all the subcategories of love are also present: respect, loyalty, trust, and so on.

We can’t put a label on “the one.”

Because the one is different to each person.

Because our idea of the one changes with time.

Because the one will grow with us and will not match with a fixed profile.

Because the one is the person we will love and face everything with.

The one is the person who will make us happy.

The one may be our partner with whom we’ll spend the rest of our life.

Or, sometimes, it may even be ourselves.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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