April 8, 2022

The Sun Rose Brightly, but my Love did not See It.


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The sun rose so brightly this morning

Glowing light leaps off the brilliant, green jungle and

Twinkles on the turquoise blue water of the lagoon.

But my love did not see it.

The sun rose so beautifully this morning,

Kissing the earth with its warmth and love,

Caressing the palm trees with its soft light.

But my love did not feel it.

The rooster crowed with delight at its rise

The goats bleated their joy at a new day’s coming;

The dogs barked and yipped at the new light, hungry for food.

But my love did not hear it.

My love could not see it, feel it, or hear it, I think

Trapped deep within her injured and tired brain,

Trying desperately to find the healing path to bring herself back.

My love lay silent on her hospital bed.

Her heart beat and her breath moved quietly past her lips,

But her eyes stayed closed and her tongue stayed silent

Unable to climb up from unknown depths and places to reach me.

And I wept quietly beside her bed as the sun rose brightly.

~ April 7, 2022

the sun rose

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Read 3 comments and reply

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