April 4, 2022

12 Essential Life Lessons I’ve Learned (Often the Hard Way).

I hope these lessons are self-explanatory.

I also hope that sharing them here means you might not need the painful experiences I had in order to “get” them.

>> If you want someone to hear what you’re saying, show that you’re listening to them first.

>> It’s a short path between wanting someone’s approval and resenting them.

>> If you need to be loved to feel good about yourself, you’re often going to be unhappy.

>> If you hate me, it’s probably because I remind you of something you hate about yourself.

>> Life is full of flowers to be picked and lessons to be learned—if you remember to look for them.

>> The best help you can give anyone is to support them in helping themselves—and you probably won’t get any thanks for it.

>> Thinking I always know best is a big obstacle to being appreciated by anyone—except myself.

>> To have a meaningful life, good intentions are not enough; you have to act on them.

>> To have a healthy relationship, pick someone (emotionally) your own size.

>> It’s smart to abandon a sinking relationship, as long as you have an emotional lifejacket.

>> Having unrealistic expectations of other people is a way to make sure you’ll be disappointed.

>> There are three kinds of sex: the physical; the emotional; and the spiritual. The relative importance of each changes with age and familiarity; the best sex is when they happen simultaneously. 


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