April 4, 2022

The Importance of Not Basing our Self-Worth on What we Have.

Throughout your life, your circumstances will change.

You will have times where you earn more or less money; where your body is stronger or weaker; where your relationships are flowing or breaking apart; where your career is either failing or flying; where you feel on top of the world or that the world is on top of you.

Those twists and turns are part of being human.

That’s why it’s dangerous to base your self-worth on what is happening in your life today, or where you’re at right now.

Because you can always compare what you do and what you have to someone else you think is doing or having more than you.

And because you can always measure your results up against them, you decide that you’re failing.

It truly is a slippery slope into a spiritual abyss.

That is why the way forward to the life you want is to value yourself based on who you are, not on your current status in the world: socially, financially, and physically.

Value yourself based on the love inside your heart,
The genius inside your mind,
The talent inherent to your very being,
The vision you see for the future,
The character you’ve built,
The gifts you can share with people,
The essence of who you are.

That is where your value is infinite—and no situation can break that.

It doesn’t matter what your circumstances are today, you’re always on the way to somewhere else: the next level.

So, embrace this moment, and more importantly, embrace yourself.

Be your greatest supporter, have your own back when it matters.

Be your greatest challenger; push yourself to do what you know is right for you, to follow what is inside your heart.

Where you are now is just a stage on the journey of your life—another opportunity for growth, learning, transformation, and love.

It does not define you.

It is just where you are today.

Remember that, and listen to that quiet voice inside you, guiding you on what to do next to manifest the meaningful life you desire.

Rise up to where you most want to be.

You’ve got this.


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Read 1 comment and reply

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