May 11, 2022

2 Steps on How to Get Clear & Find Badass Balance in Life.


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When you embrace your values, you can find more balance.

When we think of balance, sometimes, we think of things that stay the same. But, balance is something that moves and changes throughout our life. It would be nice if everything could fit into a nice tiny box that we could open and close as we please. Ah, life would be straightforward if it worked that way. However, it doesn’t.

Life can throw significant curve balls at us at one moment’s notice. Many cultural beliefs and memes say that you can achieve balance by doing this. But in reality, balance requires us to get clear on our values and priorities.

Values are deep-seated truths we hold dear to our hearts and drive many of our behaviors. When we align our energy and focus with our values, our priorities and natural sense of balance emerge. Because we’re running while trying to meet all these external deadlines, we are running like we got a fire poker stuck in our foot.

When we look at life from our value mindset, balance seems impossible. It does take some time to get clear on your values. You may feel stuck, aggravated, and that no one’s picking up the slack at home and work, and bigger yet, no one can do it as well as you can.

There is only one you, and you’re pretty damn awesome, but other people can do the things that are not on your priority list. For example, if you are stuck getting groceries or meal prepping, some family members can take over that role and help balance out your life for you.

Here are two steps to get clear on your values and find your badass balance:

1. Get clear on your values and priorities.

I invite you to think about your three main values that are nonnegotiable. This seems complicated because you’re a badass and you do so many things and there are probably 10 priorities you have to face in a day. However, if you could distill your priorities down to three, what are the main ones that keep resurfacing in your life? What fired you up and got you super passionate when you were a child? What do you value, and what speaks to your heart and makes it light up?

2. Einstein Time.

Once you get clear on your priorities and values, it is next to get into “Einstein time.” The author, Gay Hendricks, coined the term “Einstein time.” Einstein time is a term he created to help explain the shift in our relationship with time. In our Newtonian way of understanding the world, time is outside of us—meaning it controls us and we’re dragged around by time.

However, Hendricks suggests that time is inside of us. I was blown away by this idea. I realized that I do have the time if something is important to me. It’s always there! Hendricks is saying that if we shift our relationship with time from the outside force and bring our power back on the inside, we’re able to create time for the things that matter to us. Then, time is no longer an issue. When you can start paying attention to your thoughts, you can watch your relationship with time and notice how you relate to it.

As you naturally set more limits for yourself, others, and your energy, you can begin living an Einstein time. You align your energy and time with your values and priorities, and sometimes life might look the same. But, there’s a huge difference; you can go through your day with ease and with more energy.

By aligning with our true values and priorities, energy gets freed up in our bodies and our minds, and we’re able to still do what we do—and sometimes more—because we are aligned and passionate with our lives. So many disorders and diseases are because we step out of the natural energy flow.

Please take good care of your heart!

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